Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Viva Las Vegas 19

Viva Las Vegas 19 came and went without a word from me. I mentioned vaguely why on my last post but wanted to reiterate, it can be so hard to commit myself to writing when I can just post a quick photo on Instagram. I'll try to quickly catch up on VLV 19 and then move along to writing again regularly.

Most years for VLV, I start planning outfits and making things in December, if not earlier. For whatever reason, I did not do that this year and waited until mid-March before I started even thinking about what I was going to pack. I feel like the poor planning started to affect me pretty quickly, from my feet having blisters for the first time in years, to my general discomfort with my clothing, and my lack of enthusiasm for everything.

My boyfriend, Steven, decided to accompany me to VLV 19. We arrived late Tuesday night before VLV and we were able to go to some of the vintage store and Tiki bars.

Our first day in town I wore my new-to-me Kamehameha vintage dress that I go on eBay for a steal with Springolators.

First outfit of VLV
Hanging with this handsome fella at Glam Factory Vintage.

We put on our evening attire, went to my favorite Greek restaurant for dinner, and then back to VLV. I made the mistake of dancing with the VLV 18 jive competition winner, Anthony, while wearing my new-to-me black lurex dress and ripped one of the straps. But before I ripped it, I couldn't believe how gorgeous and well it fit.

With the boyfriend, Steven.

Part of my lack of planning showed quickly, I normally wear three outfits each day at VLV and this was my first year breaking with that tradition. I also normally try on my outfits beforehand and I also failed to do that this year. Both were big mistakes for me. My day outfit for VLV was an exception, I had tried it on and made sure it fit.

But I had failed to try on my Friday night outfit and it was uncomfortably snuggle though very fun.

By Saturday morning, I felt like my feet had been rested enough and decided to head to the Car Show. My outfit was made by Monica J. Veronica Designs.

For Saturday evening, we left The Orleans to see Tiger Army play and they did not disappoint. I wore my DuBarry gown I picked up at a thrift store in Los Angeles for $45! I was also able to finally find a beaded spiderweb handbag.

Matching spider details
With my gown wearing sister!
I was utterly wrong about my feet being good to go and on Saturday night, for the first VLV ever for me, I turned in for the night at 1:00 a.m. I was devastated.

I, of course, tried to make up for how sad I was on Saturday at the pool party. I had planned to wear a leopard print swimsuit with the cape I had made for me (MJV Designs again) but a girlfriend showed me a stack of vintage see was selling on Friday and I purchased this black Cole of California Scandal Suit. I tried it on and I knew this had to be the outfit.

Cape twins

With Ruby Champagne

Yours truly, Ruby Champagne, Angie, & D. Rose.

My heterolife partner & my boyfriend

After we left the pool party I quickly realized that my feet were not going to be okay and once again was devastated that I would have to call it a night. 

So maybe you are asking yourself why I didn't wear flats. I did actually wear flats, sit when I could, etc. I did the one amateur move that I have never done before, which is absolutely attributed to my poor planning this year: I wore deadstock Springolators that I never broke in and worse yet, I did it on my first day of VLV.

Viva Las Vegas 18 - Sunday

It would appear as though I had completely abandoned this blog for Instagram. If we are being honest with one another, I had abandoned this space until today. I suppose the best way to move forward is to finally publish this post and then just get back to writing.

Sunday is one of my most and least favorite days at Viva Las Vegas. I love it for the pool party and the jive competition but it is also the last day and many friends leave on Sunday afternoon or early evening.

I was extremely excited and nervous for this years VLV pool party because my swimsuit had made it into the contest! My girlfriend and I got ready and I was having a real case of bad nerves. We took the opportunity to make jokes about my swimsuit.

Do you see why the felt my swimsuit was unique?

My bad nerves on full display.

Once at the pool party, I got to meet the other contestants, which made my nerves even worse because do you see all the gorgeous women and swimsuits, have a strong beverage, and dip my toes into the pool.

Sooner than I was honestly prepared for they started the contest. I got up on stage for the Q&A and announced why my seemingly plain suit was so fantastic and unique. The wiener dogs on the suit look a lot like penises. Go ahead and zoom in, decide for yourself.

The ladies taking photos of my very funny swimsuit.
All of the gorgeous women and their amazing suits!

The judges deliberated and even brought me and another contestant (gorgeous gold & silver swimsuit) back to the stage because there were so many good swimsuits. I ended up having an award made on the spot for me because the judges loved my suit so much that they wanted to award it!

(L-R) 2nd place, 3rd place, 1st place, yours truly

Afterwards, I met up with my friends again for a beverage.

I also decided to enter the Jive Competition with my friend Jorge. So it was a rush back to the room for an outfit change. Sadly, I had not planned on entering and so I didn't have a circle skirt. Instead I wore my planned outfit, a green lurex dress.

Jorge & I didn't win the competition and I'm not sure there is even any video but we did have a great time dancing together.

After the jive competition, I called it a night, which is super lame. I gave myself the excuse that I hadn't slept well the night before and so I should retire early.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Viva Las Vegas 18 - Saturday

Saturday is a big day all around at Viva Las Vegas. The car show is in full swing, the headlining performers are playing, and everyone is wearing their absolute best outfits. People plan for months what they are going to be wearing on Saturday. I am not immune to the typical circumstances of VLV and I brought my A-game on Saturday.

For the car show, I wore my hand painted spider blousehigh waisted shorts in black sateen from Pinup Girl Clothing, black wedges, a scarf that I tied into a turban and affixed a gold spider web brooch, vintage red vampira sunglasses, and a black lucite purse (a gift from the boyfriend). 

The car show was as warm as always (read sweltering hot) with great vendors and a few great performances. My two favorites were definitely Kitty Daisy & Lewis and The Sonics.

I ran into a bunch of friends before heading up to have my hair done one last time by Technicolor Cutie and to a Tiki themed room party. 

Left to right: With Lady Bear Cat, With Graham & Bettina Scarlett, With Rockwell DeVil

With Bridget (L) and with Technicolor Cutie (R)

Shortly after coming back down to the car show it got extremely windy, so my friends and I packed up and went back to the condo to get ready for the evening.

When I got back to the room, one of my very best girlfriends had arrived to Viva and we could finally catch up after being apart for a year. We drank, we giggled, and we took pictures together while we were only half put together.

The fabulous Ruby Champagne

We finished getting ready and got to the ballroom to see the stars of Rockabilly.

I swear that this is how it goes every time the three of us try to take a photo together. 

My finally Saturday night outfit was another handpainted blouse with matching clutch. This one was a recreation of a 1940's drunk elephant blouse I remembered from Etsy that had sold over two years ago.

The Saturday night record hop was by far the most packed but also the most enjoyable. As the night wears on, things get a little ridiculous and the photos, well, they become more blurry. A lot of that is honestly just attributed to the amount of laughter and shenanigans and part of it is because we sneak in flasks.

Let's go already!

My drunk elephants insisted on being in every photo


How I feel about dancing... every single time.

I finished off the Saturday night with my Sunday breakfast yogurt.

See you on Sunday afternoon.