Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Welcome to Haute Rockabilly Fashionista

Wow, what is there to really know about me? I’ve never really been very good about talking about myself or, perhaps, communication in general. So, why start a blog if I am terrible at the one thing that is truly required? Mainly at the request of two lovely girlfriends of mine (who, for now, will remain anonymous) and partly because I live for vintage; Vintage fashion, vintage music, vintage class and decorum, vintage cars, vintage hairstyles and makeup, and vintage life.

I feel a sense of being lost in our modern society. I suppose I am just completely antiquated. I often wonder: “What happened to style? When did we become so obsessed with boxy clothing items that are generic at best and so poorly made? What happened to class? When did people stop caring about personal interactions and start worrying more about their Facebook updates? They are so involved in their mobile phones and social networking sites that people often don’t realize how much of life they are really missing. What happened to dancing?! When did it become okay to rub all over each other like a mating dance in public? What happened to manners!? When did saying please and thank you become a near taboo in our society?”

So, what will my blog be about? It’s going to be about my life. Going out dancing with my friends, seeing wonderful local bands, vintage clothing, fantastic finds of all kinds, and maybe some baking. Plus, I am sure, a plethora of other things.

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