Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Aerial Dancing

To say that I hate to exercise for the sake of exercising would be a gross underestimate. I absolutely deplore going to the gym.

So, how is a girl like me supposed to stay fit for dancing and for VLV?

I tried running at the park that’s beside my house. I don’t like to run.

I tried to make myself go to group fitness classes at my work. Time was so short I’d have to leave class early or miss showering before returning to my desk for the duration of the day.

So, my girlfriend Brittany and I found an aerial dance class that was a few miles from our houses, relatively affordable, and something completely outside the norm.

I had done a little aerial yoga at this place a year or so ago; super fun class!

Last night was our first night in class. We worked on trapeze and ribbons. Think Cirque Soliel for beginners. The class was much more fun than my initial expectations and man can I feel the difference in my arms, shoulders, and abs today.

So, for now, this is how I intend to stay fit for dancing and VLV.

Here’s a picture of how I look in my mind. The truth is too awful to reveal at this point.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Holy Crap!

I was just named Pin Up of the Day for President's Day over at The Rebel Pin-Up page. See it here.

1. I had no idea that the photographer, Ms. Sheila Broderick, had submitted the photo.
2. How weird is it to see yourself come up in your blogger feed?

How exciting in a bizarre way!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Viva Las Vegas 15 Preparation (Part 2)

After my part 1 of VLV preparation post, I sat myself down and made a list. So what items did I really need? How much could I really spend?
I organized my outfits by the events that my friends and I will be attending. From that list, I was able to fill in the "holes". From that list I found that I was in need of a bowling shirt, a few tops/blouses, a skirt, a purse or maybe two, a few evening dance dresses, a few pairs of practical shoes, seamed stockings, a snood, and a day dress. It also wouldn't hurt if I found a few key pieces of jewelry and a few hats.
My budgetary restraints prevent me from buying everything at once so I made a secondary list with items I wanted to buy and prices. I also decided to be a little more practical, not really "my thing", and add some items I already own to the VLV 15 fashion line up.
So, here is what I have knocked off the list:
Evening Dance Dress #1: A vintage 1940s heart breaker dress. It's a wine hued silk taffeta, sweetheart neckline, matching blet, stunning seam work, and intricate black velvet floral applique scrolled asymmetrically down the front for a uniquely dazzling flourish. If I decide to enter the Jive competition, the dress --- not my foot work --- will steal the show!

Evening Dance Dress #2:  Ha! I didn't buy it, I already owned it. It's a 1950's flocked chiffon cocktail party dress.  It's a blue chiffon with flocked leaves and rainbow glitted, velvet-trimmed neckline, and a full skirt with original self-belt.

Evening Dance Dress #3embroidered taffeta new look full cocktail party dress.

Evening Dress #1:  Another dress I purchased in January; a 1950's fitted navy dots cocktail party wiggle dress. This dress just very well could be my favorite dress. It has a sequin-trimmed neckline, nipped waist with original belt, and a beautiful back bow.  All my friends that are going to VLV want to have a large group dinner and then head to a burlesque show. I believe this dress will be worn that evening.

Top:  1930s shirt sailor stripe (green and white) boatneck ecofriendly knit top. This was purchased from Kim Stewart at NudeeDudee. She makes everything by hand.  You can visit her at:

Day Dress:  1950's pastel plaid casual day dress. Isn't it adorable!

Jewelry:  I have only purchased one piece of jewelry. Truly a brooch I couldn't pass up. I think it will look lovely with all of my monochromatic (read: black) outfits. Now, it's not from the 1940's or 1950's but I love it and so I don't really care.

Other items that I have or have purchased are jeans, a top, a hat, and a few odds and ins.

So, in conclusion I am just a few little items short! Are you all ready for VLV 15?

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Viva Las Vegas 15 Preparation (Part 1)

Is anyone else freaking out or feeling ill prepared for VLV 15?

I am a girl that adores dresses and regularly purchase dresses. Like this beauty; A custom made Rayon Hawaiian Wiggle Dress and Bolero.

The real issue, I am so focused on dresses that I have little else. I have zero hats and shorts, one good pair of shoes and seamed stockings, a few pieces of jewelry, and maybe one or two good tops. I realize that I could just wear dresses all weekend but I’d like the option of changing it up.

I also have not been planning outfits, hairstyles, or even working out. I’ll eventually sort those out but I suppose I am really wondering, how does one get focused on separates and the odd and ins when there are so many beautiful dresses? How do you prioritize what you really need for VLV? I have been told that VLV is not the time to wear reproduction clothing. Is that really true?