Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Aerial Dancing

To say that I hate to exercise for the sake of exercising would be a gross underestimate. I absolutely deplore going to the gym.

So, how is a girl like me supposed to stay fit for dancing and for VLV?

I tried running at the park that’s beside my house. I don’t like to run.

I tried to make myself go to group fitness classes at my work. Time was so short I’d have to leave class early or miss showering before returning to my desk for the duration of the day.

So, my girlfriend Brittany and I found an aerial dance class that was a few miles from our houses, relatively affordable, and something completely outside the norm.

I had done a little aerial yoga at this place a year or so ago; super fun class!

Last night was our first night in class. We worked on trapeze and ribbons. Think Cirque Soliel for beginners. The class was much more fun than my initial expectations and man can I feel the difference in my arms, shoulders, and abs today.

So, for now, this is how I intend to stay fit for dancing and VLV.

Here’s a picture of how I look in my mind. The truth is too awful to reveal at this point.

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