Saturday, March 03, 2012


Tonight I went to do a little dancing with a few good friends who happen to be great dancers.  The ever so fabulous Natalie, Mo, Amanda, and Tyler.

We went to the Skylark (Denver) and saw the Danny B. Harvey Rockabilly Trio on Friday night. You may recognize Mr. Harvey from The Head Cat where he played with vocalist Lemmy of Motorhead and Slim Jim Phantom of the Stray Cats.

I decided to wear my favorite dungarees from NKD, a pink forty-esque top (the is not nearly as bright as it appears in this photo), and my heart on fire necklace that my boyfriend teases me about (he calls it my faux chest piece). My hair was styled in three victory rolls, long circles in the back, and a beautiful flower from Steve Roca aka Uncle Fezter.

The ladies all ready to dance the night away. You should see Natalie and Amanda in the VLV 15 Jive Contest.

The aforementioned, Tyler and Amanda. Tyler happens to have won the Jive contest at VLV 13. He is amazing and so is Amanda. Sadly photos don't really capture how good those two truly are.

You can see Tyler dancing, and subsequently winning VLV 13, here:

Two last photos with my lovely ladies just because.

Hope evyerone is enjoying their weekends so far!

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