Friday, April 27, 2012

Fashion Friday - Gold

Each Friday I will discover and share up to five items I would purchase if money were no object. The series will be called "Fashion Friday".

For today's Fashion Friday, we are going gold. I found the gold dress below and designed an outfit based around the dress. What made me pick this dress? It is a William Travilla. Maybe you are asking "Who the heck is William Travilla?" Don't worry, I won't make you google it. William Travilla was a fashion designer best know for his costume design on Marilyn Monroe films [Monkey Business (1952), Don't Bother to Knock (1953), Gentleman Prefer Blonds (1953), How to Marry a Millionaire (1953), There's No Business Like Show Business (1954), River of No Return (1954), Seven Year Itch (1955), and Bus Stop (1956)]. In the future, when you think Travilla you should think about these stunning ensembles:


To say he was brilliant would be an understatement.

I found this late 1950's, maybe early 1960's, William Travilla dress and coat set on Etsy. "They are made from  ombre silk satin brocade that changes from a bright golden yellow at the top to a deep brown toward the bottom. The intricate brocade is sewn with a gold metallic thread. The dress has an elegant cut, square neckline, short sleeves with a fitted bust and waist. The skirt has wide double box pleats to the sides of the waist and around the back. A bow above each pleat in the front, which was one of Travilla's signature touches in this collection. The skirt is lined with a mix of net and silk organza with a brown silk underskirt sewn inside. Metal zipper up the back. Labels include "Travilla" and the dress shop "Jenny". The matching coat is lavish. A collar running to the waistline which crosses in the front, closing with a hook and eye. Two bows at the waist mimicking the dress. 3/4 length tapered sleeves and a back pleat running from the neck to the waist. The skirt of the coat is full with large box pleats around the front, one in the back with two kick pleats toward the hem. The coat is fully lined with a beautiful deep brown silk satin. Labels include the dress shop, "Jenny, Cincinnati, Ohio" and a 16 size label.

Cost of this one of a kind dress: $1,250.00
Bust: 43"/44"
Waist: 31"
Hips: 44"(lining is fitted)
Width Between Shoulder Seams: @15"/15 1/2"
Length: 42"
Skirt Length: 25"

What would I pair with the Travilla dress?

I'd first pair it with this amazing vintage carved Lucite purse with silver and gold confetti stars ($595.00 - remember money is not an object on this shopping spree).

With a dress so beautiful and a purse so bold, you might as well go bold with your jewelry as well. I choose a vintage 1950's Weiss signed aurora borealis rhinestone bracelet and earring set ($85). "Dazzling yellow gold tone and aurora borealis rhinestone bracelet and clip earrings set is signed WEISS on each piece. The prong set rhinestones are in an amber tone with iridescence that sparkles in the colors of the rainbow. The bracelet is about 7 1/4" by 9/16" and the matching clip back earrings are about 1 1/4" long."

Every beautiful outfit needs an equally beautiful hat or flower accessory. Why not have both with this veiled gold flower fascinator ($42).

The final gold icing on the cake, 1950s gold Springolator heels with rhinestone ($69.00).

The best part about this outfit (if I could afford over $2,000 for one outfit) is that it would actually fit me; though the dress would be a few inches too large.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Where you can find these amazing clothes if you are rich or want to stare as I do:
Dress & coat:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Outfit of the Day

This is my first try at outfit of the day. I am a late sleeper and typically I am pressed for time in the mornings.

This morning I had an extra 2 or 3 minutes so I thought I try to capture my outfit via my mobile phone. That was my first mistake. Never use a mobile phone (at least not mine) when you want a quality photograph. The second  mistake, the lighting is not conducive to good photography in my dressing room. And finally, my hair really has a mind of it's own when it first comes out of hot rollers. It looks a little like Medusa! (ha)

Anyway, today's outfit is for work. It's a beautiful pink, purple, blue, black, and white plaid dress. It needs to be hemmed to the knees but for now is mid calf length.

I tried to also capture my earrings, necklace, and great grandmother's sweater. The sweater can from an obvious place; my great grandmother's closet. The earrings and necklace are part of a 5 lb. vintage jewelry lot I won on EBay for $36.00. That was probably the steal of a lifetime.

You may notice that my makeup is very nude today. Well I scratched my eye and so I can't wear eye makeup for a  few days. Lesson learned: No matter how tired you are, you are never so tired that you shouldn't remove your makeup before bed.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trashy Diva Spring Line

Have you gals checked out the spring line for Trashy Diva? I am unfortunantely not rich, so I'll have to wait and covet these dresses when they go on sale. Can that hurry up and happen?

For starters there is the Darla Bolero. Look at those beautiful crystal buttons and snap back collar.

I'd wear Darla out with Honey; the Honey Dress that is. Look at that bust! It's bedazzled in white rhinestones. Now add in the amazing full full circle skirt. Can you imagine how beautiful it is going to look on the dance floor? I can.

I love crinoline and its affect on my dresses. What I don't love is how itchy and/or scratchy the materials can be. Enter the Trashy Diva crinoline skirt from their Bridal Collection. It's made from Rayon/Acetate which gives it that wonderful shimmer.

I can't get over the fabric of the back by popular demand Bustle Betty Dress.

Ah the Sadie Ruffle Dress. The simple darted bodice has a deep v neck and black rhinestone buttons. The skirt has a simple a-line shape with a 1940's style dramatically ruffled side front hip. This is finished by a removable wide fabric cinch belt.

The Lorelei Dress, is a fantastic wide boat neckline adorned with scattered rhinestones and pearls (check it out!). The bodice is slim fitting with multiple darts at the waist seam and a pencil skirt. The back is simple and fitted with a slit down the skirt back.

The Lois Dress is similar to Lorelei but has a multi-colored floral beadwork neckline and long sleeves.

Personally the Annette Dress doesn't make me think weddings but it is part of the Bridal Collection. It has a deep rounded neck, wide straps combine with a knee length eight panel gatehered skirt with pockets, and a beautiful bow belt. I love it in steel.

I adore it's simplistic "sister" dress the Audrey Dress as well. Same color of course.

What are you coveting so far this season?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Scratchin' Circles on the Dancefloor

Since my return from VLV, all I have truly done is a little dancing.

Last weekend, I headed over to The Stingray for their closing. There were a lot of excellent bands that afternoon/evening. As always, my wonderful friends were out to dance the day away.

(Michael and me)

 (Starla and The Dynamite Daddies - What a lovely voice she has!)

(The Lucky Few)

 (The oh so fabulous dancing duo - Tyler & Amanda)

Last weekend I donned my dungarees from Nicole Katherine Designs and a beautiful baby blue sweater from Regal Vintage (Denver). I bought the sweater for two reasons; it matches my eyes and the neckline beading is phenomenal. (Can you see it?)

(Marie and me; you'll be seeing a lot more of her in the future. Trust me)

This last Saturday was my mom's birthday weekend. She wanted to go to a murder mystery play set in the roaring 20's. She requested that I dress up as a flapper; I obliged. After the play, I talked my parents into going to see the Atomic Drifters and a little dancing. Sadly, there is only one picture that has surfaced of me in my flapper outfit. Which is a true tragedy. It took me about 1.5 hours to get my makeup time specific.

(The always fabulous Micheal aka "Ritchie" dancing at the Skylark Lounge. I'm lucky to have him as a dance partner.)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Naughty Tuesday

I was feeling naughty today at work.

1. I posted a blog at work.
2. I purchased this amazing cherry red snood at work! I am pretty sure I will wear it everywhere. Days spent in my vegetable and rose gardens... check. Bad hair days at work... check. Out dancing... check.  This maybe my wisest investment to date. Plus did you see the amazing grosgrain ribbon on the top?

(You can purchase yours here:

Thursday, April 12, 2012

VLV 15 Review

I was a bad, bad blogger and only took a handful of pictures during VLV. My primary reason was that my boyfriend did not enjoy VLV; thus, we spent about an eighth of the time I would have liked at the event.

I was lucky however to have a few wonderful friends in attendance. The little time I spent at VLV was wonderful because of them. Thank you to my friends.


Thursday evening everyone headed out for dinner before going dancing. We decided on sushi in The Orleans.

Everyone looked absolutely fantastic. Though I'll say, for myself, I don't love the way I look. Maybe it was the way I was seated or the fact that the dress is a little too large but after seeing photos of myself I felt very depressed. This was a general theme throughout VLV for me.


On Friday, I attended Mitzi and Co.'s pinup hair tutorial. I did learn a thing or two so the extra early wake up seemed worth it. You can check out their work here:

I did love my outfit that morning. This photo (and many others) were taken by the wonderful and beautiful Raemirue Photography ( /!/RaemiruePhotography)

Early Friday evening was spent dancing to the Atomic Drifters. Which seems very "Denver" now that I say it.


Saturday was car show day, Big Sandy, and JD McPherson. All things I love.

My boyfriend actually really enjoyed the car show.

Saturday night I was able to attend JD McPherson! He was truly fabulous. I also got to wear my fabulous black and red dress. When I purchased it a few months ago it was a little tight. By VLV it was comfortably loose.


By Sunday the thought of attending VLV made for a tense relationship. So I compromised and we walked around the strip, had brunch at Mon Ami Gabi, and relaxed.

I wore my beautiful car show / Hawaiian dress again. But I gave my hair the day off.

The best set of shoes I have ever seen... at nearly $2,000

My biggest regret is not being able to attend the Jive Competition. Though after seeing my friends being robbed of the champion title, I am somewhat happy I didn't go. I would have been absolutely enraged to say the least.

Next year's VLV I will do things differently. No boyfriend and stay at The Orleans being the primary ones.