Monday, April 23, 2012

Scratchin' Circles on the Dancefloor

Since my return from VLV, all I have truly done is a little dancing.

Last weekend, I headed over to The Stingray for their closing. There were a lot of excellent bands that afternoon/evening. As always, my wonderful friends were out to dance the day away.

(Michael and me)

 (Starla and The Dynamite Daddies - What a lovely voice she has!)

(The Lucky Few)

 (The oh so fabulous dancing duo - Tyler & Amanda)

Last weekend I donned my dungarees from Nicole Katherine Designs and a beautiful baby blue sweater from Regal Vintage (Denver). I bought the sweater for two reasons; it matches my eyes and the neckline beading is phenomenal. (Can you see it?)

(Marie and me; you'll be seeing a lot more of her in the future. Trust me)

This last Saturday was my mom's birthday weekend. She wanted to go to a murder mystery play set in the roaring 20's. She requested that I dress up as a flapper; I obliged. After the play, I talked my parents into going to see the Atomic Drifters and a little dancing. Sadly, there is only one picture that has surfaced of me in my flapper outfit. Which is a true tragedy. It took me about 1.5 hours to get my makeup time specific.

(The always fabulous Micheal aka "Ritchie" dancing at the Skylark Lounge. I'm lucky to have him as a dance partner.)


  1. OoOoOoh I want to see see more of that flapper outfit! And make up. (I'm having a 20's themed party soon and I'm kind of obsessed with the era at the moment!) Did you learn to do the Charleston?

    1. I know how to do a basic Charleston. I would like to do it better but just having done enough practice.

      I hope someone else got some photos of the outfit that I can borrow; so far, nothing. =(