Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trashy Diva Spring Line

Have you gals checked out the spring line for Trashy Diva? I am unfortunantely not rich, so I'll have to wait and covet these dresses when they go on sale. Can that hurry up and happen?

For starters there is the Darla Bolero. Look at those beautiful crystal buttons and snap back collar.

I'd wear Darla out with Honey; the Honey Dress that is. Look at that bust! It's bedazzled in white rhinestones. Now add in the amazing full full circle skirt. Can you imagine how beautiful it is going to look on the dance floor? I can.

I love crinoline and its affect on my dresses. What I don't love is how itchy and/or scratchy the materials can be. Enter the Trashy Diva crinoline skirt from their Bridal Collection. It's made from Rayon/Acetate which gives it that wonderful shimmer.

I can't get over the fabric of the back by popular demand Bustle Betty Dress.

Ah the Sadie Ruffle Dress. The simple darted bodice has a deep v neck and black rhinestone buttons. The skirt has a simple a-line shape with a 1940's style dramatically ruffled side front hip. This is finished by a removable wide fabric cinch belt.

The Lorelei Dress, is a fantastic wide boat neckline adorned with scattered rhinestones and pearls (check it out!). The bodice is slim fitting with multiple darts at the waist seam and a pencil skirt. The back is simple and fitted with a slit down the skirt back.

The Lois Dress is similar to Lorelei but has a multi-colored floral beadwork neckline and long sleeves.

Personally the Annette Dress doesn't make me think weddings but it is part of the Bridal Collection. It has a deep rounded neck, wide straps combine with a knee length eight panel gatehered skirt with pockets, and a beautiful bow belt. I love it in steel.

I adore it's simplistic "sister" dress the Audrey Dress as well. Same color of course.

What are you coveting so far this season?


  1. Ooh ooh I'll have one Annette dress please! But I'll take it in leopard print :) x

    1. They should do one in a leopard print! That would be fantastic.

    2. I was just thinking... you should sew one! Then I can envy it.

    3. Ha! Yes, I really NEED more leopard print in my wardrobe. And more dresses.

  2. That first dress is amazing!!!! :D X

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    2. This dress makes me weak in the knees. Homonyms, they make me look stupid.