Thursday, April 12, 2012

VLV 15 Review

I was a bad, bad blogger and only took a handful of pictures during VLV. My primary reason was that my boyfriend did not enjoy VLV; thus, we spent about an eighth of the time I would have liked at the event.

I was lucky however to have a few wonderful friends in attendance. The little time I spent at VLV was wonderful because of them. Thank you to my friends.


Thursday evening everyone headed out for dinner before going dancing. We decided on sushi in The Orleans.

Everyone looked absolutely fantastic. Though I'll say, for myself, I don't love the way I look. Maybe it was the way I was seated or the fact that the dress is a little too large but after seeing photos of myself I felt very depressed. This was a general theme throughout VLV for me.


On Friday, I attended Mitzi and Co.'s pinup hair tutorial. I did learn a thing or two so the extra early wake up seemed worth it. You can check out their work here:

I did love my outfit that morning. This photo (and many others) were taken by the wonderful and beautiful Raemirue Photography ( /!/RaemiruePhotography)

Early Friday evening was spent dancing to the Atomic Drifters. Which seems very "Denver" now that I say it.


Saturday was car show day, Big Sandy, and JD McPherson. All things I love.

My boyfriend actually really enjoyed the car show.

Saturday night I was able to attend JD McPherson! He was truly fabulous. I also got to wear my fabulous black and red dress. When I purchased it a few months ago it was a little tight. By VLV it was comfortably loose.


By Sunday the thought of attending VLV made for a tense relationship. So I compromised and we walked around the strip, had brunch at Mon Ami Gabi, and relaxed.

I wore my beautiful car show / Hawaiian dress again. But I gave my hair the day off.

The best set of shoes I have ever seen... at nearly $2,000

My biggest regret is not being able to attend the Jive Competition. Though after seeing my friends being robbed of the champion title, I am somewhat happy I didn't go. I would have been absolutely enraged to say the least.

Next year's VLV I will do things differently. No boyfriend and stay at The Orleans being the primary ones.


  1. Well you look gorgeous. The stripey top outfit is perfect and your hair is AMAZING. You look very elegant in the black dress. What a fun event, those cars, eek! Definitely leave the old ball & chain at home next year ;)

    I haven't tried the stockings yet!

    1. I think that you should be my official date for next year!

    2. But seriously, you could stay with me for free!

  2. Oooh looks like fun! You are so fabulous and retro sexy! =)

  3. You look fantastic in all of the pictures! You put most of the gals at Viva to shame, seriously.

    1. "More blushing"

      That is so sweet of you to say. There were some really beautiful girls there. Thank you <3

  4. I was checking out all your great pictures and then i recognized the Hawaiian dress! lol i had no idea it was you, you look adorable :-)

    1. I wish I had a photo of me at the car show. Vastly better and showed off the gorgeous dress better. I raved and obsessed about that dress for 2 full post lol!