Friday, May 04, 2012

Fashion Friday - Leopard Print

For today's Fashion Friday, I am inspired by The Grande Dame over at Stitching Purple Blooms. With her in mind, we are doing leopard print!  Calm yourself TGD.

Remember on Fashion Friday I will discover and share up to five items I would purchase if money were no object.

The first item I would purchase would be this 1950's real leopard fur wrap stole and matching muff purse ($2,389.00). The wrap has a front double lapel collar with large folded base for hands and a very elegant high end shape. This would be stunning with a blouse and pencil skirt.

After finding that beauty, I happened upon more winter wear. My second Fashion Friday find is a high quality plush leopard print faux fur paired with real mouton fur cuffs in a gleaming espresso hue. Huge molded licorice-black buttons and a portrait collar that wraps and buttons into place. The perfect swing cut that will go great with your New Look era dresses and crinolines. And did you happen to see the electric emerald green shimmering taffeta lining? It is an extra dramatic and dynamic touch that really makes me swoon. The coat also features hidden hip pockets that are lined with the same emerald green taffeta. There is no designer label present but it has its old National Recovery Board and Union (dating it to between 1955 and 1963) label intact ($328.00).

The third Fashion Friday find is a 1950's fuzzy leopard wiggle dress that has a side metal zipper and kick pleats on both sides of skirt ($250.00).  TGD, you should make a dress like this!

I searched high and low for a cute leopard print purse. Surprisingly, or perhaps not, the supply is limited. I suppose it could be due to high demand or lack of popularity in the 1950's? I'm not sure. Either way, my choices were limited. I opted for the fabulous 1950's Morris Moskowitz faux fur leopard print handbag with locking lucite handles ($98.00). Lucite and leopard are wins in my book. Bag is lined in chocolate brown rayon twill fabric with large open center and two pockets, a zipper close on back wall with MM signature pull tab, and open pocket on front wall. Unlike many open top bags the side walls fold in perfectly to present a nice secure closed top.

I saved the shoes for last. I love shoes. These shoes had me a Manolo. Manolo Blahnik. ($400.00)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and are inspired by leopard print.

Baci tutti!


Where you can find Fashion Friday items:
Fur Stole & Muff Purse:
Fur Swing Coat:


  1. O.M.G.

    You're right, I'm dying. I couldn't even read the post, I just had to gaze mutely at all this loveliness. I'm so pleased I could inspire you with my leopard obsession!

    All I read was "porn porn porn porn porn." That bag has my favourite kind of clasp. I think it's an oyster clasp? I love them. And that dress, that COAT! I really do have to make them, don't I?

    I've got some genuine vintage shoes to show off tomorrow...! Happy Friday :) xx

    1. Ha! I laughed and laughed at the porn comment.

      You must, at a minimum, make the dress and line it with emerald green taffeta!

  2. OMG,I would kill for that coat and the cape/muff!!!!

    1. It is really fabulous! Available only in Australia. =)

  3. OMG! the leopard spotted coat is so awesome! i fell deeply in love with it!
    like the dress too...

    1. I LOVED the swing coat. That green taffeta lining really takes it over the top for me. If I owned it, I think I would quite literally wear it everywhere.