Friday, May 18, 2012

Fashion Friday - Mexican Skirts

Happy Fashion Friday everyone! Today we are going to ogle Mexican skirts! Oh man, I love these things. One of these is within my financial reaches; tell me if you love it.

The first skirt is a hand painted 1950's circle skirt ($200). The painted scene is of Mexico City in metallic gold, green, copper, blue and silver. Waist is a 33".

The second skirt is 1950's hand painted black velvet circle skirt (with matching shell dress - $280). The scene on the skirt is of an Aztec warrior virgin sacrifice in metallic jewel tones with gold outlines on both sides of the skit; embellished with sequins on the front and back. Waist is a size 32".

The third skirt is 1950's hand painted circle skirt made in Mexico by Artegreen ($195). The skirt is bold shades of orange, pink, yellow, and blue. The scene depicts a Mexican village with an exploding volcano and villagers dressed in their fiesta finest. The skirt also features a sashes that ties around in the back with a bow. Waist is a size 31.5".

The fourth skirt, the only one within my realistic reach, is a 1950's hand painted white cotton full circle skirt with sequins mad by Kent ($98). The skirt is brilliant shades of red, yellow, green, blue turquoise, and black on a white background, decorated with rows of multi color sequins. There is a two inch waist band that wraps around the back and fastens with a bow.  Waist is a size 30". I'm going to show you were you can buy it but I recommend that you do not because I think I might cry if you do.

The final skirt is a 1950's hand painted and sequined circle skirt made by Ledesma ($295). The features abstract guitars in beautiful, bright colors and is signed by the artist.  Waist is a size 30". 

(Since finding this beauty on Wednesday, it has sold. You cannot purchase it)

Which skirt do you gravitate toward?

Have a wonderful weekend. I am headed out to dance to the wonderful Lucky Few on Saturday and practicing aerials with my dance partner on Sunday.



  1. Oh gosh, they are all just so beautiful. I like the first and third ones the best. I can't believe they're all hand painted! So unique.

    1. I would never have the patience (I don't believe) or talent to paint such beautiful things.

  2. Beautiful skirts! I've given you a blogger award ;)

    1. Awwwww that is so sweet of you <3

      These skirts make me a little crazy, in a good way.

  3. Do you carry some more tight to the body ;-)

    1. Hi there. Unfortunately, I have never seen any that are pencil skirts. You could have one tailored for you I suppose.