Monday, May 21, 2012

Vintage Swimsuit

Over the weekend I met a lovely lady, Lisa, who runs a store/shop called Retrospect Dry Goods. She informed me that on June 30th they would have a Vintage Swimsuit Contest, dance, and car show.

I absolutely have wanted to enter a vintage anything contest for quite some time. So I am signing up.

I am presently without a suit and on the hunt. Any suggestions?

Baci tutti!


  1. Oh how exciting!! I have never had the courage to enter anything like that. You will look stunning. I can only recommend either ModCloth or My Baby Jo for swimwear ideas. I look at them constantly but never actually buy anything. What will you wear for the dance part?

    1. Yeah, I decided I'll never be as young as I am right now so why not!

      I've been looking all over Etsy, EBay, Vintage Swimsuits by Mary, and a few other sites. Keep your eyes peeled for me.

      For the dance portion, after the judging and awards, I'll probably put on a cute dress or skirt... maybe a tiki dress!