Friday, June 29, 2012

Signs & Signifiers

Apparently, Amazon has lost their minds. They are selling the whole Signs & Signifiers MP3 for $2.99. Go get it if you don't already have it.


Fashion Friday - Parasols

Happy Friday all!

You may not know this, but it has been over 100 F / 37.8 C in Colorado for over a week. It has been miserable. All I can think about is cooler temperatures and finding shade.

Tomorrow is the Vintage Swimsuit Contest (yes, I am extremely nervous) and it is supposed to be around 100 F again. What does a girl have to do to get some shade!

Today's feature will be all about parasol's for those hot, sunny days.

This 1940's Japanese paper parasol has a unique red floral print and traditional wooden handle. ($49.00) This parasol would go beautifully with my swimsuit and red heels. Oh well, a little too late now!

Vintage Japanese hand painted paper parasol. I love the cranes! ($35.00)

Two Japanese paper parasols. One green and one purple! ($161.99) I have never seen anything quite like these two.

WWII Japanese silk hand painted butterfly parasol with bamboo handle. ($49.95) I am not a huge fan of pink but I do love the hand painted flowers and butterflies enough to get past it.

Vintage Japanese silk parasol by Isetan. ($75.00) The lady selling this says it is from her grandmother's collection that she brought over after WWII. I love a little history with vintage items.

Well, that does it for today's Fashion Friday. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Baci tutii!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Fashion Friday - Lena Hoschek

Happy Fashion Friday everyone!

Have I ever told you how much I love and covet Lena Hoschek? If I were rich like I am on Fashion Friday, I would purchase every design I could from her collections.

(Get to know a little more about Lena Hoschek)

(Lena Hoschek 2012 Autumn/Winter Collection Runway)

So here are the five items I would purchase if I had the disposable money.

The Old Fashioned Coat in caramel is a tribute to the 1950's. The coat features 7/8 sleeves, three beautiful cloth covered buttons, and 100% cashmere. (570,00 €, £459.96, or $722.19 USD)

The Capri dress decorated in fruits from around the world. The spaghetti straps and the wrapping technique make for sexy cleavage. The light and airy, wide swinging skirt provides sexy swing while walking on the beach promenade. (500,00 €, £403.48, or $633.50 USD)

Love at first sight!! This beautiful polka dot bustier dress  features an elaborate rose embroidery at the neckline and in the frontal area. Tight at the waist so that it flatters feminine curves. (405,00 €, £326.82, or $513.14 USD)

The 1940’s-inspired silk Fiori (flowers) Bouquets day dress  comes with beautiful floral and polka dots print and cute puffy sleeves. Eye-catching details are the round white buttons on the front and sleeves as well as the nicely draped shoulder yoke. Slim tailored at the waist; it opens up to a wide-swinging skirt with side pockets. (480,00 €, £387.34, or $608.16 USD)

Produced in a Provencal red pattern, this variant of the Trattoria Blouse radiates rustic charm. Its slim-tailored cut accentuates the female curves. (175,00 €, £141.22, or $220.99 USD)

(I am also in love with these shorts)

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Baci Tutti

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Saturday night was the 1940’s USO style show with Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra & The Andrews Sisters. It was a night of dancing to The Hot Tomatoes amongst WWII planes, flybys, military vehicles, and re-enactors.

There was a small 1940's car show, dance performances by The Diamond Dolls and Boulder Swing Dance, hula dancers, and aerial dancers. All in all it was a fantastic night. Be forewarned, this is an extremely picture heavy post.

My good friend Tre and I got ready at my house for the ball. I did both of our hair and makeup. I think hers turned out exceptional. After a long wait in line to park we made a quick stop by the car show before heading in for the festivities.

Tre with a lovely Packard

Me with the same Packard

Inside the gates there were two areas. One was full of airplanes, jeeps, and tents. Much akin to a WWII USO camp.

Tre with one of the planes

A wonderful photo taken of Tre and me by the talented Sheila Broderick.

The second area was Rick's American Cafe. It didn't remind me of the movie at all but that's alright as it was in a beautiful old hangar and the movie was playing on the big screen.

Tre and I had only been at the Ball for about thirty minutes when Frank Sinatra, the Anderson Sisters, and Bob Hope flew in and landed in the USO camp. They took old army jeeps up to the stage.

Frank Sinatra and the Anderson Sisters

Bob Hope walking through the crowd

As you have probably assumed, they took the stage. Bob Hope told jokes, Frank Sinatra and the Anderson Sisters had separate singing sets (all three were wonderful).

Tre and me - Frank on stage

Mitchell and me

During one of the Anderson Sisters songs, the ladies were joined on stage by some hula dancers.

After the hula dancers, there was a touching tribute to all the WWII veterans present. I teared up a little; their sacrifice was greater than any of us could ever fathom.

Tre, WWII Veteran, Lt. Col. (Ret) Joseph A. Kennedy, and me

It wasn't long though before those same veterans were on the dance floor. Let me be forthcoming that these people are in their high 80's or low 90's and they are still out dancing the 20 and 30 year olds. We were lucky enough to be asked to dance by some of the WWII veterans. Tre was first up to dance with this sailor.


Then he decided it was time to take me for a spin around the dance floor.

Then it was time for a few dances before we went to hunt down our friends.

Do you love the setting?

After a few dances we decided it was time to hang out with friends, have a few drinks, and maybe try some cigars.
Tyler and me

Amanda and me - Don't you just adore her style!

Tre and me... again

Ladies photo - missing a few ladies though

Oh a cigar. Yes I did have a bit.

Natalie and Mo.  I love that she looks like she just got finished working on an old airplane or in a factory.

Shortly after these photos were taken, there was an authenic vintage clothing contest. All three women selected were wearing reproduction dresses. There were at least 50 women in the crowd with real vintage on; what a complete disappointment.

After my disappointment, there was only on thing to do... okay two. 1 - stalk Frank Sinatra & 2 - dance.

Well my anger at the fraudulent contest would not cease. So Tre and I decided it would be a perfect time to refill our flask (we are classy like that) and have our photos with some planes at night.

While we were standing in line for photos with the plane, Tre says "Oh my god there he is!!". To which I respond "There who is?" She tells me Frank and points him out. I practically tackle him and promptly have my photo taken with him.

My chance encounter with Mr. Sinatra revived my spirits for the remainder of the evening.

We also shortly thereafter reached the plane.

Short stop on the way out at the end of the evening at the 1940's moon and an interesting vehicle in the parking lot.

I had such a wonderful evening and am looking forward to the Tiki Ball in September.

How did you spend your weekend?

Baci Tutti