Friday, July 27, 2012

Fashion Friday - Spiders

I have a fascination with spiders albeit more of an at a distance  type of fascination. They have such unique bodies and their webs are so lovely. My exception to the distance rule is definitely in regards to fashion. I own a gorgeous spider web brooch and it is one of my favorite pieces.

The first item is a B. Bernhard Spider Blouse (she is on a sabbatical currently form Etsy). Bernhard designs apparel inspired by her extensive collection of vintage hand painted blouses from the 1930's through the 1950's. The Itsy Bitsy blouse is recreated from a 1938 pattern in 100% ivory rayon. It has beautiful cap sleeves, ruched shoulders, and buttons up the back with mother of pearl shell buttons. The spider is made of large glass faceted gemstones and lies in wait in its sparkling web of jet black glass beading.

I love this 1920's Spider Mirrored Compact. It's looks a little worn but I think it is just lovely and unique. I've never seen anything like it before. ($97.00)

The next item is what I would consider to be a steal! A red velvet clutch with spider attached. This sweet little clutch will only cost you $19.00! I love the deep red of the velvet and the spider... oh that spider is delightful.

This spider pin is made of 18 karat gold, platinum, Mabe pearl, diamond, and pearl. It will break the bank though at $1,200.00.

The last item is a Hand Painted 1950's Rayon Crepe Hourglass Cocktail Dress by R&K Originals w Painted Spiderweb. It's a fabulous inky black rayon crepe 1950's hourglass cocktail dress by "R&K Originals - For The Girl Who Knows Clothes!" Completely lined bodice and back metal zipper with hook and eye closure. Great high neckline with pleating around the collar that radiates down onto the bust, very early 1950's in style. 3/4 length dolman style sleeves. Nipped wasp waist and hidden front-side pockets on the hips. Slim tapered pencil skirt with a flared kick pleat in the back that swooshes as you walk.

This dress was painted entirely by hand by Butch Wax Vintage owner, Miss Amanda Suter. All of the sequins and jewels were sewn on by hand as well, each sequin having a iridescent glass seed bead in the middle. The paint is especially for fabrics and can be laundered. The spiders' bodies are jewels. ($295.00)
I would have to squeeze into it but I personally think it would be worth it.

Do you have something that you find creepy but beautiful?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I am preparing my home for my guests; we are all attending Lindy on the Rocks 2012 the first weekend of August.

Baci Tutti!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tiki-Takular Surf Party & Car Show

The Tiki-Takular Surf Party & Car Show was at the end of June. Negligent in my photo taking and recent blogging would be the understatement of the week.

So, at the end of June, my friends and I all headed to the Swimsuit Contest at the aforementioned event. I donned my lovely 1950's Rose Marie Red swimsuit (which fits more like a playsuit), vintage faux pearls, hair done in overdone miniature curls, and sky high red heels.

The event was relatively unattended due to the huge wildfires we were having in Colorado. Many girls that were registered in the contest didn't attend. One girl not being there is a drop out or a fluk but multiple girls not being there is a side effect of the largest wildfire in Colorado history less than five miles away from the event.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I came in second. The contest was based on audience applause and I went up against a local lady that was well into her 60's. What is a girl to do?

On with a few brief photos.

With a fellow contestant.

During the "pose off" with random items


Laughing while answering a question

The voting and subsequent losing

I do hope that the upcoming swimsuit competition goes better. I think it will.

Baci Tutti!

Miss Voodoo Island Pin Up Swimsuit Competitio​n

I'm sorry for my extended absence. I've been very busy recently but I hope to get back to my normal posting routine starting this week.

Approximately two weeks ago I entered my name and photos into Miss Voodoo Island Pin Up Swimsuit Competitio​n. The competition is being hosted by Khyentse James (1940's Ball organizer) and company. The submission URL and Facebook stated that they would narrow all the participants down to a top ten and those ladies will take the stage on September 1st.

Last week, I found out that my girlfriend Amanda and I both made it into the top ten! Let me say that she is legitimate competition. She is pretty, sweet, smart, and stylish. If I lose to her, I'll definitely consider it a fair defeat. However, the real truth of it is that I am terribly excited to have someone I adore so much on the stage with me. I get very nervous when I am in front of large groups of people and this group is well over 1,000. I am hoping that just having her near will help keep my nerves at bay.

The ever so stylish Amanda at the most recent 1940's ball

So what are the rules:
- Ladies must be dressed in era-appropriate (1940's and 1950's) pin-up swimsuit/beach attire (re-productions are acceptable however authentic vintage is preferred). 
- No nudity, flashing, pasties or lingerie.
- Each contestant will be asked to enter the stage, state their name/stage name, and answer a question. 
- The ten contestants which will be narrowed down to the top three for final judging.
- On site judging will be done by three very knowledgeable vintage enthusiasts as well as audience applause.

How we will be judged:
- Authenticity of Outfit
- Hair & Make-Up
- Poise & Personality
- Vintage Props and Accessories.

As much as I love my Rose Marie Reed swimsuit, it don't think it will stand out enjoy in a group of nine other gorgeous vintage swimsuits.

My elegant and simple Rose Marie Reed swimsuit

So I have purchased an absolutely dropdead gorgeous, over the top 1950's Deweese Designs swimsuit. I won't be posting any preview photos. I want to keep my whole outfit under wraps.  I do, however, want to give you an idea of what a 1950's Deweese Designs looks like and what Mary Ann Deweese was capable of creating. The swimsuit below is no longer available. It was already reserved when I purchased my swimsuit. If I had known that this beauty was out there, I would have purchased it just to have it.

Baci tutti!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Dior 2012

One may correct assume from the title of this blog that I love two things:

1. Vintage fashion with a Rockabilly lean
2. Haute Couture

For those of you that didn't know, Paris Fashion week just concluded. One of my favorite "safe" designers of recent is the house of Dior. Anyone with their finger on the Haute Couture pulse can tell you that Dior has had some major controversy the last few years; the supposed endorsement of anorexia, the line inspired by the homeless, and the John Galliano Anti-Semitic rant. They've changed creative directors and designers.

I am personally in love with both the spring and fall 2012 lines under the new designer Raf Simons. He is known to be a minimalist and it shows in the both Dior lines. I think the looks are classic and yet have a modern twist to them.

What do you think of the Dior 2012 lines and new designer Raf Simons?

Spring 2012 - Ready to Wear Line

Spring 2012 - Couture Line - My personal favorite!!

Pre-Fall 2012 - Ready to Wear Line

Fall 2012 - Ready to Wear Line

Fall 2012 - Couture Line