Friday, August 31, 2012

It's the embodiment of femininity.

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by the Aimee Heckel (The Daily Camera - a Boulder Newspaper). She conducted a quick interview about this weekend's Miss Voodoo Island Pin-Up swimsuit competition. My expectations, why I love vintage, etc. All I could think was how lucky I was to even make the top ten and then even luckier to be interviewed. I am glad that she cut out all of my blabbering that I am positive I did. Anyway, here is the article in case you want to check it out:

And for those following my blog... here is a sneak peak of my swimsuit I won't reveal until the contest.

Remember, you only have today to vote on the hairstyle you think would look best on me.

Baci Tutti!

Fashion Friday - Sales!!!

Every girl loves a sale! I know Fashion Friday’s are all about exploring the things that I will never be able to attain unless something miraculous happens. So for today’s Fashion Friday we are going to go for the attainable. For that reason I thought I would post every sale that I was aware of. If you know of one not listed, let me know and I’ll make edits to this post.

The first is from the very fantastic Couture Allure. They are having an end of summer sale by offering 20% off your entire order. Sale ends at midnight eastern time tonight. Take 20% off everything, including new listings and sale items.  Sale does not apply to shipping or prior sales.

Bettie Page Clothing is having a double sale. Take an additional 30% off select already reduced items and 15% off all regular priced dresses and separates.

50% off all clothing (excluding sale items) at Collectif. Use code SALE50 at check out. Sale started Thursday and finishes on Sunday at midnight (GMT).

They probably need to get rid of shoes in order to bring in their new Autumn/Winter collection. Thus all shoes are on sale at Miss L Fire Shoes.

Go Go Vintage is having a 25% sale. Use coupon BACKTOSCHOOL at the checkout.

One of my favorite hat vendors, Roads Less Travelled, is having a Pre-Fall Sale 15% sale.  

Bernie Dexter is having a fantastic sale on her dresses from this season. Some dresses are marked up to 75% off.

Go shop!!

Baci Tutti

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Miss L Fire A/W '12 Collection

Good morning all. Have you seen the newly published Miss L Fire A/W 2012 Collection?  If not, you can see it here. After running through the 61 pairs of shoes, the ones below are my favorites. What sets are you coveting?




The Orient in every color



I wish I had bundles of money so I could have them all. I suppose if I had to pick one and only one, it would be the Monaco since I have very few winter shoes.

Baci Tutti!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tiki Vintage Hairstyle

The Voodoo Island 1950's Tiki Ball is five days away and boy am I excited and so terribly nervous!  

Can you see the difference between my normal smile and
this one? This would be my nervous smile.

Have I ever told you that I get debilitating stage fright? My knees get weak, I feel like I am going to faint, my palms get sweaty, I have a hard time smiling, and it's as if my voice is going to crack with every word out of my mouth. It is both embarrassing and exhilarating.

Anyway, with the event so very close I am deciding on my hairstyle for the pinup contest and I thought we'd have a little reader feedback on my final three choices. Here they are. Submit your choice to me before Saturday morning.

1. The first choice comes from Call Me Lucille's blog. She is an amazing hairstylist in England. She found the below picture and I have been in love with the style ever since I saw it on her blog. I love that it unique and I know that no one else will be styled like her.

2. The second choice is the oh so stunning and classic Rita Hayworth. I am sure there will be someone else there with a similar style but how can you argue with a style so beautiful.

3. The last choice is from Vintage Vandalizm, who is about the cutest thing I have ever seen. She is sporting one of my favorite styles, the pompadour.

So what do you think? What is your favorite look? Remember this look will go with a Hawaiian sarong dress and a surprise DeWeese swimsuit.

Baci Tutti!

Art Deco Furniture

My boyfriend and I have been looking for a new place to live the last few weeks and it has caused a sudden urge in me to have more art deco furniture. I started perusing Etsy and feel madly in love with some items that I stand no chance of affording; much like Fashion Friday's. I did, however, feel that they were just too beautiful not to share.

I know most of you are vintage clothing/jewelry enthusiast but what about your home. Is it decorated with vintage (no this doesn't really mean 1970's) furniture? Are you that lucky person that lives amongst gorgeous vintage furniture?

For me, Art Deco furniture is as beautiful as it can possibly get. There is something about the way they brought out the wood grains, the lines of the furniture, the mixture of metals and wood, it all just drives me wild. What era is your favorite for furniture? What draws you in?

Let's start with this astounding piece, a magnificent compact English Art Deco walnut bar. I'd purchase this in a heartbeat if it didn't cost $8,800.00. Wow, that is pricey.

The second item I came across was this gorgeous 1920's chandelier. Beautifully detailed brass and frosted molded glass with four hanging frosted turn down matching glass globes. Can you imagine that hanging over the bar above because I can.

Anyone that looks at this blog... um ever... knows that I am in love with makeup. It is truly the one thing that I can do well and it always makes me feel glamorous and put together. What I don't have currently is a real vanity. If I could afford one, this would probably be it. Thought this one would set me back $525.00 and I'd still have to find a seat.

With this last item, a lot of readers are going to ask themselves what I am thinking but this 1920's Alcazar gas stove makes me swoon. The colors, the style, just the whole darned thing. It's not that expensive at $725.00 considering what a new gas range will cost.

Tell me about the vintage items in your house. Where did you get them? What is your favorite piece?

Baci Tutti!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Hot Rod Ho-Down

Over the weekend, a very dear friend of mine celebrated her birthday.

Me with aforementioned birthday girl. Happy Birthday again M!

She had opted for a trip to Colorado Springs for The Hot Rod Ho-Down. There were four bands, a DJ, cars, cars, more cars, dancing, a pin up girl contest, and some of the best burlesque I have ever seen.

I slept in late that morning and had about twenty minutes to get ready. Please ignore my lazy style.

Our oh so fabulous photographer in the middle, Ms. Amanda J

Oh this car makes me want to cry it was so beautiful

I hope you all did something fun over the weekend.

Baci Tutti!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fashion Friday - Hiking

A little over two weeks ago I took a trip to Glenwood Springs, Aspen, and Maroon Bells Wilderness  Area with my mom. We spent the weekend checking out old stores, hitting the natural hot springs, and hiking the Maroon Bells. We started at Maroon Lake (elevation 9,580 feet / 2920 meters) and ended up a little below North Maroon Peak (elevation of 14,014 feet / 4,271 meters). Check out a few photos. Don't worry, I won't overwhelm you today.

When I go hiking I am not what anyone would consider fashionable. I wear what is comfortable and maybe slightly ugly on me. I yearn to look stylist like the girls of yore.

(I adore this one)

So what would I wear hiking if money (and maybe practicality) was not a factor.

First, I would choose these beautiful 1950's brown and rust red plaid shorts. They are a cotton blend fabric in rich autumn colors. Gorgeous high waist with side slot pockets. Frankly they are kind of a steal at $38.00.

My next item would be this gorgeous vintage embroidered French Vanilla button front blouse. The embroidered cap sleeves make me swoon... a lot. It is another steal at $28.00.  

I love my pale skin and I want to try to keep it that way. So I'd select this breathtaking 1930's wide brim straw hat. I adore the flower in the straw and the grosgrain navy ribbon. Staying in the shade while remaining extremely stylist will cost you $125.00.

I said that some of my items wouldn't necessarily be practical. Hence my next choice, a 1940's Bakelite Norwegian hiking boots carved pin. I love all the details. The soles and shoestrings of the boots. Fantastic! It will set you back a lot at $195.00.

And really, what hike could be accomplished without these 1950's Tura Aluminum frame cat eye sunglasses? The frames are a bronze chocolate color with gold flower accents in the corner of each eye.  The flowers on the frames have tiny rhinestones and one pearl in the corner. These beauties will set you back $125.50. Ouch!

Have a wonderful weekend! I hope you get to spend some time outside enjoying the summer.
Baci Tutti!