Friday, August 10, 2012

Fashion Friday - Hiking

A little over two weeks ago I took a trip to Glenwood Springs, Aspen, and Maroon Bells Wilderness  Area with my mom. We spent the weekend checking out old stores, hitting the natural hot springs, and hiking the Maroon Bells. We started at Maroon Lake (elevation 9,580 feet / 2920 meters) and ended up a little below North Maroon Peak (elevation of 14,014 feet / 4,271 meters). Check out a few photos. Don't worry, I won't overwhelm you today.

When I go hiking I am not what anyone would consider fashionable. I wear what is comfortable and maybe slightly ugly on me. I yearn to look stylist like the girls of yore.

(I adore this one)

So what would I wear hiking if money (and maybe practicality) was not a factor.

First, I would choose these beautiful 1950's brown and rust red plaid shorts. They are a cotton blend fabric in rich autumn colors. Gorgeous high waist with side slot pockets. Frankly they are kind of a steal at $38.00.

My next item would be this gorgeous vintage embroidered French Vanilla button front blouse. The embroidered cap sleeves make me swoon... a lot. It is another steal at $28.00.  

I love my pale skin and I want to try to keep it that way. So I'd select this breathtaking 1930's wide brim straw hat. I adore the flower in the straw and the grosgrain navy ribbon. Staying in the shade while remaining extremely stylist will cost you $125.00.

I said that some of my items wouldn't necessarily be practical. Hence my next choice, a 1940's Bakelite Norwegian hiking boots carved pin. I love all the details. The soles and shoestrings of the boots. Fantastic! It will set you back a lot at $195.00.

And really, what hike could be accomplished without these 1950's Tura Aluminum frame cat eye sunglasses? The frames are a bronze chocolate color with gold flower accents in the corner of each eye.  The flowers on the frames have tiny rhinestones and one pearl in the corner. These beauties will set you back $125.50. Ouch!

Have a wonderful weekend! I hope you get to spend some time outside enjoying the summer.
Baci Tutti!



  1. This post is such a blast! As much as my health will permit, I love to get out and immerse myself in nature, be it for a fun hike or a weekend of camping, and always try and channel our vintage foremothers when I do (not though, that I'm opposed to the many luxuries of modern camping technology that we can avail of these days!).

    Big hugs & joyful weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I wish I had more style when I am out hiking. I take the lazy way out.

  2. Oh my gosh, the photos are breath taking! That is the question, how to look fashionable but practical, I guess you could wear red lipstick?

    1. Thank you. Maroon Bells are truly a sight to behold.

      I thought of wearing red lipstick. I went with my mom on this trip and she was so appalled that I would want to even wear powder. I thought red lipstick might push her over the edge lol!

  3. lovely photos ... nature, vintage inspirations and awesome vintage pieces: this is what i like.