Friday, September 07, 2012

Fashion Friday - Emma Domb

Happy Fashion Friday (or Saturday if you are in Australia) everyone!

I am sure that most of you have heard of and about the ever so fabulous Emma Domb. But for those that have not, she was a designer that got her start in California in 1939. She and her partner Lorraine Domb Steinberg started their San Francisco based company, Domb Manufacturing Company. They designed wedding, party, and prom dresses until the late 1950’s. They continued designing until the 1970’s but shifted to floor length dresses, pencil dresses, and suits.

As you may have concluded, I am a bit top heavy for a lot of vintage prom dreses. With that in mind, I was only able to find five dresses that would fit.

The first is a 1950's pink taffeta party dress. The dress has a cummerbund waist, gathered taffeta back that has a bustle effect, and silver thread embroidered bust ($300.00). 

The second dress is a 1950's lace party dress. This dress has a lace illusion bodice with clear rhinestones, velvet waist tie, and a beautiful black and white printed tulle skirt ($286.00).

The third dress is a 1950's gold rhinstone and pearl chiffon dress ($225.00).

The fourth dress is a 1950's silver wiggle ribbon dress. I can not get over this fabric, I absolutely love the texture ($160.00).

The final dress is of course a 1950's party dress. This black taffeta dress has blue panels covered in black lace, a double bow back, and puff sleeves. It is also from the "Party Line" ($250.00).

Are you one of the fortunate girls that owns an Emma Domb dress?

Baci Tutti!


  1. I'm with you! The silver ribbon dress is stunning! I also love the pink taffeta dress.

    1. The pink taffeta is definitely my second favorite.

  2. No, there are none of Emma's enchantingly pretty designs in my closet either - but what a treat it would be to own one some day. For all my vintage dresses, I actually don't have many that come all that close to being prom dress-esque (say, like the beautiful yellow one in this post). I'd love to remedy that someday though - I just wish such garments were a tad more affordable! :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I wish they were more affordable as well. Though I do believe I would try to wear prom dresses every day if that were the case.