Friday, September 14, 2012

Fashion Friday - Fall

There is a chill in the air and the aspen leaves are starting to turn yellow in Denver. It's fall, and as beautiful as the yellowed aspen are, for me they will never compare to the splendid colors of the east coast. The found memories of reds, purples, and oranges of the leaves inspired today's post; an outfit for the fall.
I am an avid dress wearer but when the weather starts to turn, I love to wear 1940's swing pants. The lines are attractive on every form, hugging the smallest part of your waist and the beautifully flowing down your body. I have a few pairs of swing pants but none like this pair. They are a gorgeous dark blue and have large red buttons. They come from a Finish designer, Cherise. ($136.45)
I would pair my swing pants with a blouse. In today's world, temperature can range wildly depending on whose home or what office or building you are visiting. I wouldn't want to be sweating into my sweater. I knew as soon as I saw The Better Blouse by Harriet Sue, that it would look stunning with the other items I had chosen (though secretly I was wishing it was silk).  It has rhinestones and faux pearls on the sheer pleated bodice and buttons up the back. ($120.00)

Now obviously, some places you go will be too cold to just be in a sheer blouse. You, of course, will need a cardigan. So why not wear this reminder of the end of summer, an embroidered Doreen Loh cardigan. It has red and white piping, embroidered strawberries, and silk lining. ($64.00)

For my feet, I need real shoes. In Colorado, the temperature and weather can turn very quickly. For that reason a girl needs to be reasonable while being fashionable. I couldn't get over the shoes a few weeks ago and I still cannot now. I, predictably, choose the red suede Monaco with faux fur trim. How could I not? ($162.21)

The last item, I will call my piece de resistance, a Bakelite clamper with carved red strawberries! ($780.00)

How will you change your wardrobe with the impending season change?

Baci Tutti!


  1. Woah! That bracelet is *amazing*! And you look great in those pants!

  2. Hey there :) I absolutely love the swing pants & blouse look too, so comfy and stylish! And can be worn in light or heavy fabrics depending on the weather. I prefer to wear with flat shoes though for total comfort (not that I'm getting old or anything). How have you been? xx

  3. First let me say you look amazing in that outfit. I am slowly switching out my lower rise pants to swing pants, I just think they are so much more flattering to a woman's body, and so pinch your belly to boot!

    From: Trina at Retro Fashion is My Passion

  4. I agree with Gingeyginge: Those Shoes!!!!

  5. What an absolutely gorgeous cold weather outfit! You look like you just stepped out of a (wildly stylish) time machine from the 40s. I'm swooning over this awesome ensemble, dear gal!!!

    ♥ Jessica