Friday, October 19, 2012

Fashion Friday - Lilli Ann Coats

I could not move on from Lilli Ann before delving into the beautiful range of coats Adolph Schuman produced. For as beautiful as his suits are, his coats are maybe more so.

I had started looking last week at all the breathtaking outwear choices. My absolute favorite sold between last Friday and today. What can one expect otherwise? Heartbreak for me and jealously for whomever was lucky enough to purchase this beauty.

1950's Lilli Ann red wool swing coat with fox fur trim.

This Paris-made wool-mohair blend coat features a delicious, full swing silhouette for ease and style. In a wonderful winter palette of red and silver fox, this piece is iconic and timeless. Tiered fox fur trim at the cuffs, welt hip pockets, and an inviting satin lining complete the package.

So, what is currently available?

1. A cream colored mohair-wool swing coat with satin lining. It may have the most fantastic rhinestone collar that I have ever seen. I realize those same rhinestones make the scarf feature less than ideal but I don't care. ($199.99)

1950's cream Lilli Ann mohair swing coat with sparkly rhinestone details

2. A simple but beautiful purple mohair swing coat. The coat has the same Paris label as the fox fur lined coat above. The coat has raglan sleeves and an over sized collar. ($155.00).

1950s purple Lilli Ann mohair swing coat

3. I'll be honest with you, this coat is all about the collar for me. I love mint green as much as the next girl but oh my the criss-cross / bow collar on this coat is the umph factor for me. ($250.00)

1950's Lilli Ann green mohair coat

 4. The last coat is probably going to be a big favorite with you ladies. How could someone not love this blue polka dot coat? While it is absolutely lovely, I'd still go for the rhinestone collared coat above as my first choice. ($895.00)

1950's Lilli Ann polka dot mohair coat

Now, I already know one of you lucky ladies out there owns a Lilli Ann trench, Mrs. Technicolor Cutie (check out her great style and blog here: Technicolor Cutie), but do any of you other fine ladies have the good fortune to don a Lilli Ann as the weather gets cooler?

Baci Tutti!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fashion Friday - Lilli Ann Suits

I am always inspired by vintage pictures, fellow bloggers (I’m talking about you this time Joanna of Dividing Moments ), and the weather.

Denver is getting chiller and drearier by the day. With each passing moment, I realize that I am yearning for a beautifully tailored and feminine suit.

There are, to me, very few people that have ever paired femininity, beauty, and suits the way that the Lilli Ann label did.

Lilli Ann was started in San Francisco in 1933 by Adolph Schuman, naming his company for his wife, Lillian. The company became known for their beautiful, elaborately designed suits and coats.

After WWII, Schuman went to France and it was during this time that the labels had “Paris” added to them. While in France, Schuman was buying fabrics, and many of the labels in Lilli Ann designs also contain the name of the French factory that made the fabric.

Many of these fabrics were bought from small textile companies, which were in such financial straits after the war that they were in danger of closing. Schuman bought from these small companies, and was thus credited with saving many of them from financial ruin. For his efforts Schuman was awarded medals from both France and Italy, and the Lilli Ann customer got a suit made of high quality, hand-loomed fabric.

Adolph Schuman died in 1985, but the company continued under the direction of his heirs. The company was sold in the 1990's, and was closed by 2000.

Adolph Schuman left a gorgeous legacy of highly sought suits and coats. For this Fashion Friday, we will only cover the suits.

1. 1950's Lilli Ann Suit ($250.00). The black wool jacket has a woven ribbon pattern, in an almost spider web shape, with decorative velvet covered button and is lined in burgundy rayon.

2. 1940's Large Lapel Lilli Ann Suit ($275.00). The suit coat is beige rayon lined and has gorgeous green piping and details on its large lapel and peplum. 

3. Late 1940's deep blue wool crepe Lilli Ann suit ($395.00). Flattering pleated panels at sides of nipped waist, front button of glittery soft golden lucite, rounded shawl collar.

4. I saved the best for last. 1950's Lilli Ann Wool Crepe Suit ($375.00). This fantastic Lilli Ann suit has a jack with a cinched waist and wide collar. I am sure that I would drop the $375.00 if I had it and not even think twice.

Are you one of the lucky few to own a Lilli Ann suit?

Baci Tutti!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mad Hatter Garden Party

Sorry for my three week absence. I moved at the beginning of October and it has been ridiculously busy at work for weeks. Since I have been unable to really window shop for Fashion Friday's. Instead I thought I would share pictures from the Mad Hatter Garden Party I went to at the end of September; it was held at the Denver Botanical Gardens. There was croquet, tea, cakes, and a gorgeous garden setting. My girlfriend and I decided to dress up in modern character. She went as the March Hare and I decided to go as the Red Queen. My choice was based completely upon the fact that I adore the Queen's makeup in the newest movie installation (the one by Tim Burton). So yes, my makeup is weird and over the top. Gluing down ones eyebrows with a stick of glue and a knife is a good indication that things are going to look bizarre. 

A lady must have gloves while playing croquet even if she must loose her shoes.

Winning team!

I think croquet may be my new favorite game. It was truly a blast.

Do you enjoy doing a more avante garde type of makeup and style on special occasions?

Baci Tutti!