Saturday, November 17, 2012

Trashy Diva Sale

Trashy Diva is having a Black Friday Sale that started yesterday. Regular priced items are 30% with coupon code 30off. Go shop and rub your beautiful selections in my face!

Baci Tutti!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fashion Friday - Snow

So, what excuse do I have for going missing for three weeks.... again? I have been really busy at work but the real reason is snowboarding. I love the snow and the mountains. I, to an extent, disappear in the winter. My frequency on the dance floor subsides, my vintage hairstyles and makeup don't hold up to my sweating in the freezing weather, and I actually wear modern clothing and the ever dreaded pants.

Any lady-like behavior is nonexistent

The longer I am up at the resorts, the more fashion faux pas I see (and more likely am a participant). I started to wonder what gals wore when they went skiing back in the 1940's and 1950's. Let's just say that they were a far more stylish, albeit colder, group of women; fashion and femininity were prevalent on the slopes.

Look at the skirt!

Love that sweater!

See, her hair is perfectly coiffed.

These ladies are so beautiful and probably freezing

I think she is better than me and she is riding terrible old wooden skis. This must be spring skiing with her shorts and t-shirt.

I love that these ladies moved their hats back so that you could see their perfectly shaped bangs.

So for fashion friday, you guessed it, we are going to try to build a cute vintage ski outfit!

Every gal that wants to keep warm is going to need a nice set of ski pants ($45.00) and a matching jacket ($95.00).

Vintage 1940's Vermont Made Navy Wool Ski Pants

1940s Ricky Jacket

If you have ever spent time in cold weather, then you know keeping your head and feet warm are imperative. As long as they are warm, your body seems to feel warmer. So I picked an over the top hat because it was one of the only hats I found that I thought, "now that would be warm". ($42.00)

1940's Plush Dyed Italian Lamb Hat

And to stay fashionable when we get to the ski lodge, I chose a beautiful sweater ($56.00) and a celluloid charm for a necklace or bracelet ($7.89). Both, of course, keeping in line with the skiing theme.

1950s Jersild Nordic Ski Sweater

1930's-1940's hand painted and made in occupied Japan

Do any of you ladies out there participate in winter sports? Snowshoe, cross country skiing, etc.

Baci Tutti!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

1940's Christmas Ball - I'm In!!!

Yikes! I have been missing in action once again. I'll get to that tomorrow for Fashion Friday... I promise!

For today, I just wanted to share a few pictures and some good news. I was selected for the 1940's Starlet Competition for the 1940's Christmas Ball. Not only did I make top ten but so did my girlfriend Tre, who probably has more pictures on this blog than I do.

And here is another one of her

A lot of you are probably asking yourself, what the heck is the 1940's Christmas Ball. "It is a fabulous 1940’s & 1950’s holiday party that will bring back all the warmth & nostalgia of a more simple time! Experience an enchanting evening of dancing w/ your sweetheart (or meet one!), amidst WWII planes, vehicles and artifacts, movie set lights & props, re-enactors, sleighs, Christmas trees, a canopy of lights & The Hot Tomatoes--one of the most sought after big bands!

Enjoy re-enactments from the timeless movie, “White Christmas,” watch Bing, Danny and Haynes Sisters sing “Snow,” or visit Scrooge and the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future! Listen to Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters sing with our Big Band! Get ready for our Pearl Harbor Tribute with Polynesian Fiafia!"

I went last year and wore a gorgeous red taffeta and chiffon 1950's prom dress. I did feel a little out of place because the majority of attendees were in 1940's attire.

1950's Prom Dress (excuse the sideways belt and the expression)

So this year, I decided to go with a 1930's or 1940's dress. I have hopes of sewing my own dress for the competition from a 1940's pattern but we will see how that all pans out. If it doesn't, that will be fine because I have a truly spectacular back up outfit. By backup, I mean I was going to wear it as my first choice if I didn't make top ten in the starlet competition. For that matter, I still might.

1940's Novelty print peplum dress

Miss L Fire

Did you notice that these birds match the birds on the dress?

So wrong and yet so right.

Anyway, I hope you are all having a wonderful day. See you all tomorrow for Fashion Friday... you'll finally find out what in the world I have been up to now.

Baci Tutti!