Friday, December 28, 2012

Fashion Friday - New Years

For New Years Eve this year, I am going to be going to a "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" theme party. So as you can imagine, I will look a lot like this:

Most of my friends are going to a 1920's themed benefit gala for NYE and I really wish I was able to go with them. If I were and if I had an unlimited budget this is what I would be wearing.

This vintage 1920's deep royla blue silk dress with colorful floral velvet appliques, drop waist, ruffled hem that is longer in the back and shorter in the front.

These 1930's I. Miller sapphire blue satin peeptoe heels with small rhinestones and ankle straps.

I'd absolutely have to have this amazing hat.

This art deco sapphire bracelet.

A girl has to stay warm in these cold months so I would wear this gorgeous 1930's Hutcheson Furs & Fashions mink fur coat.

What are your NYE plans? What will you be wearing?

Baci Tutti!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Fashion Friday - Christmas

It is almost Christmas and I have caught a cold or something. Blerg. So fashion friday will be the closest I get to actual shopping for a few days.
I was perusing Etsy when I came across my dream dress for Christmas... you know if I was about three inches tinier everywhere. But here she is because everyone should rejoice in her beauty.
Are you feeling festive yet?

So what would I wear for Christmas this year if I was rich? Let's start with this hat.

It even has a bow!

Something else I'd love to wear on Christmas is this 1940's pink crocheted dress. The flowers on it are - plainly put - breathtaking and unique. Why can't this dress be under my tree on Christmas day?

A great party dress for Christmas is this 1950's green taffeta dress. I love the wreath-like rhinestones and the romance color.


I know what you will say about my next choice and yes it does look very, very similar to a dress I currently own. That doesn't mean that I wouldn't scoop this beauty up too. It's such a timeless look.

While we are shooting for a Christmas dream, I'd like to be somewhere warm, without a cold, drinking Mai Tai's, and wearing this!!! And yes, it does need that many exclamation points.

For Christmas, I am hoping to spoil myself with a black pair of the Miss L Fire Streamlined shoes. Another splurge but they would be great for Denver weather.


What are you wishing for this Christmas?

Baci Tutti!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

1940's White Christmas Ball

The 1940's White Christmas Ball has become so popular in Denver that this year the event held on December 7, 2012 was moved to Wings Over the Rockies, which is part of the old Lowry Air Field. The true beauty of this location is not just the size but that you are in a hangar filled with beautiful vintage planes.

Tre and I decided it would be fun to wear different dresses before the 1940's Starlet Competition. I finally got to wear my 1940's prom dress though it would not be my stage dress.

Dress one for me, a beautiful 1940's burgundy taffeta dress with velvet
and rhinestone flowers. My clutch is lucite with rhinestones and borrowed
from a close friend Marie.

Dress one for Tre, a beautiful 1950's blue button front dress with
black petticoat

Say hello to my parents. You may (or may not) recognize the dress my
mom is wearing. I wore it to the 1940's summer ball this year. They came
to the winter ball to cheer Tre & I on during the Starlet competition.

After a few short dances, some great performances, and a tribute to all the WWII veterans it was time for Tre and I to change into our Starlet Competition dresses. When we reemerged we were both nervous with anticipation.

I loved this novelty print dress

My parents did their best to make us laugh though.

We soon queued for the competition. Tre was number five and I was number nine.

Her outfit is so glamorous. Doesn't she look like she is right out
of the 1930's?

Dedication is an understatement... She squeezed her size 9 foot into
a size 8 narrow, about a size 6 or 6.5, for the competition.

I realized that my outfit, though beautiful,
was not as over the top as the other girls.

The judges... judged and we all returned to the stage to see who had won....

That's right, Tre won!

All that foot pain paid off in the end!

A win for her was a win for me as I did her hair and helped her construct her outfit. It truly was her beauty, outfit, and personality that catapulted her to the top slot though; look at her, she is so regal. Congratulations Tre!

The rest of the evening was spent drink, dancing, and being with our wonderful friends and my parents.

The lovely Marie. Her dress was so beautiful!

Amanda & Tyler. Ever so stylish!

Cutting a rug with Tyler.

With my hetero life mate one last time.

What I have decided though is that the 1940's Starlet Competition will likely be my last competition. The stress of looking perfect and getting on stage isn't worth the hassle for me. I would have rather danced the majority of the night to the Hot Tomatoes, drank a little more alcohol, and taken more pictures with my friends and family. Maybe I'll change my mind in the future but for now, I am more happy to attend the event than to participate in the competitions.

Baci Tutti!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Refilling a Vintage Compact

If you are like me, you probably have at least one vintage compact and that compact does not fit the modern/standard compact refill. Mine has a very odd setting (see below) and I could not find a premade refill that would fit. What is a girl to do? Make her own refill of course!

My beautiful "American Beauty" art deco compact

Ohhhh hi!

At one time, this was a loose powder compact but the cover holder is now missing

What your finished producted should look similar to,
though I didn't imprint mine and I wish I had in retrospect

Honestly, I didn't even think to do a tutorial on how to refill a vintage compact while I was doing it. So what did I refill my own compact with? MAC Prep & Prime and pink loose powder.

My favorite powder

Here is the final color and intensity

So, what will you need to press your own compact or broken makeup beside your vessel and makeup?

For this tutorial, I'll be resetting some eyeshadow that fell out a few weeks ago.

Make sure you stir and stir this until it is smooth!!

You will most likely over pour the alcohol at some point. This is an easy fix. Either use your Q-Tips or a cotton ball
to absorb the excess alcohol or add a little extra powder/makeup.

So  now what do you do? Just wait. You need to let the alcohol evaporate completely. During that time you can even make a design in your newly seated makeup. Some ideas would be using a paper towel, use the bobby pin to write or design in the damp makeup, or even use a rubber stamp! Next time, I am going to use my dragonfly stamp in the middle. As for drying time, you'll know that the makeup is finished drying when it no longer smells like alcohol (approximately 24 hours).
Have you ever used this method to repair or refill your makeup? I hope you give it a try because not only is it super easy but you'll finally get to use that beautiful compact.
While we are talking about makeup, you should head over to Technicolor Cutie's blog. First and foremost, she is fantastic and ever so fashionable. I love her post and I am beyond envious of her wardrobe. Second, she is doing an amazing Besame giveaway this week and any vintage loving girl needs a little more Besame in her life!

Baci Tutti!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dita Von Teese Perfume Review

Dita Von Teese, for me, embodies Old Hollywood style and glamour. She seems to accomplish both with class and ease.

I had been dying to try her perfume since it was released in Germany. So much so, that I had even looked into the cost of purchase and shipping so as to have it sent to Colorado. The cost was astronomical and so I had resigned myself to waiting until it came to the U.S.

For those of you who don't know, the perfume is finally available at Ron Robinson, which is where I ordered from. It arrived a few days before Thanksgiving.

The day my perfume arrived

Ms. Von Teese had described her perfume as:

"A signature perfume for women who desire a bit of glamour, elegance, mystery and sophistication in their lives. The scent opens with a head note composed of fresh peonies, fizzy bergamot, and slightly spicy Bourbon pepper. The heart of the perfume then entices you with a luscious and pure bouquet of Bulgarian rose, Tahitian Tiare petals, and fresh jasmine. And in the base note, the mystical and warm scents of patchouli, musk, and smoky Gaiac wood and sandalwood captivate the senses"
She goes on to say:

"I wanted to do something very sensual, sleek and simple that speaks of wanting to be a grown-up, sophisticated woman, who is in charge of her life. I just love the idea of something that is both very good, sophisticated and elegant, but also a little mysterious, dark and dangerous. Those two things together become something very special really magical. I wanted a perfume that feels like that."

So, now that I have received my DVT perfume and have started using it, what do I think?

I aesthetically love the black glass bottle, silk tassel, and atomizer. There is something very romantic about the bottle itself.

As for the scent, it is very strong in the bottle and when first sprayed. My girlfriend Amanda said it best, "it reminds me of an older rich lady in a good way". I would fully agree with her analysis based upon the strength of the smell coming from the bottle.

The real beauty about the perfume though is that after about twenty minutes the strength dissipates and you are left with exactly the scent I believe Dita was striving to achieve. It smells of musk, woody smoke, jasmine, and sandalwood. It is different, faint, and very sensual. I often catch myself closing my eyes and smelling my own wrist.

I think after it was all paid for, my 40 ounce bottle of DVT perfume cost me approximately $58.00; not terribly cheap and not terribly expensive. The dissipated smell reminds me of much more expensive bottles of perfume that I smelled in Paris many years ago.

For me, this perfume is worth the money both aesthetically and olfactory.

Baci Tutti!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Finger Waves

I have been saying that I would do a few hair tutorials on this blog. As with many things, I am deliquent on producing the aforementioned tutorials.

So now my question to you the reader is, would you like a step-by-step picture tutorial of finger waves with wet set curls? I set and styled my girlfriend Teresa's (below on the left) for the 1940's Starlet Competition in that manner.

If there is interest, I'd be happy to show you how.

Baci Tutti!

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Family Look Alike

A few weeks ago, over Thanksgiving weekend, I was speaking with my dad when he informed me that he had received a photograph of my great aunt Mary. He told me that I looked so much like her that it was a little eerie and that he would have the photograph scanned and sent to me by my step-mom (T). I received the picture today.
My Great Aunt Mary is on the left in Washington D.C.

Here is a comparison photo taken this Friday night at the 1940's White Christmas Ball.

My dad and T both say it is in the smile, dark hair, and style. I have to agree with them. Do you look like anyone in your family from a few generations ago?

Baci Tutti!