Thursday, December 20, 2012

1940's White Christmas Ball

The 1940's White Christmas Ball has become so popular in Denver that this year the event held on December 7, 2012 was moved to Wings Over the Rockies, which is part of the old Lowry Air Field. The true beauty of this location is not just the size but that you are in a hangar filled with beautiful vintage planes.

Tre and I decided it would be fun to wear different dresses before the 1940's Starlet Competition. I finally got to wear my 1940's prom dress though it would not be my stage dress.

Dress one for me, a beautiful 1940's burgundy taffeta dress with velvet
and rhinestone flowers. My clutch is lucite with rhinestones and borrowed
from a close friend Marie.

Dress one for Tre, a beautiful 1950's blue button front dress with
black petticoat

Say hello to my parents. You may (or may not) recognize the dress my
mom is wearing. I wore it to the 1940's summer ball this year. They came
to the winter ball to cheer Tre & I on during the Starlet competition.

After a few short dances, some great performances, and a tribute to all the WWII veterans it was time for Tre and I to change into our Starlet Competition dresses. When we reemerged we were both nervous with anticipation.

I loved this novelty print dress

My parents did their best to make us laugh though.

We soon queued for the competition. Tre was number five and I was number nine.

Her outfit is so glamorous. Doesn't she look like she is right out
of the 1930's?

Dedication is an understatement... She squeezed her size 9 foot into
a size 8 narrow, about a size 6 or 6.5, for the competition.

I realized that my outfit, though beautiful,
was not as over the top as the other girls.

The judges... judged and we all returned to the stage to see who had won....

That's right, Tre won!

All that foot pain paid off in the end!

A win for her was a win for me as I did her hair and helped her construct her outfit. It truly was her beauty, outfit, and personality that catapulted her to the top slot though; look at her, she is so regal. Congratulations Tre!

The rest of the evening was spent drink, dancing, and being with our wonderful friends and my parents.

The lovely Marie. Her dress was so beautiful!

Amanda & Tyler. Ever so stylish!

Cutting a rug with Tyler.

With my hetero life mate one last time.

What I have decided though is that the 1940's Starlet Competition will likely be my last competition. The stress of looking perfect and getting on stage isn't worth the hassle for me. I would have rather danced the majority of the night to the Hot Tomatoes, drank a little more alcohol, and taken more pictures with my friends and family. Maybe I'll change my mind in the future but for now, I am more happy to attend the event than to participate in the competitions.

Baci Tutti!


  1. This looks like so much fun! I'm so glad your friend won. You both look so glamourous. I hope you can share some more close up shots of your beautiful dress and how you came to get it. You look like you came out of the pages of a vintage fashion magazine:) Your makeup and hair are perfect. So glad you shared these wonderful images and I hope you change your mind for next year because I see Ms. Starlet written all over you:)

    1. Tre did look so very lovely.

      I will definitely try to show some more close ups of the dresses. I am taking both to VLV 16.


  2. I never thought I would say this...but I miss dancing in Denver!! I miss Emma, Amanda, Tyler and, more than anything, Glen. He and I went to the Merc every week and just practiced Shag and Lindy and had so much fun! There are some amazing dancers here but I don't get to go out as often as I'd like.

    1. I love dancing with them as well. I don't see Glen as much as Amanda and Tyler but man oh man is he magic on the dance floor.


  3. Both of you girls look absolutely stunning! It sounds like such a nice wholesome night out, I would love to go to something like this! Although I can only imagine how stressful being judged and standing on stage would be, it's not for everyone...

    1. It is such a lovely event! As much as I like getting super dressed up to go on stage, I think I'll do the same but just enjoy the dance floor a little more.

  4. I adore 40's :). Both of you are gorgeous!!

    I like your blog, and I m following you now ;)

  5. You both look incredible. Would love to see some close up pics of you in your first dress. Your new shoes go beautifully with your stage outfit! Looks like a lovely night but I think I'd be staying off the stage too!

    1. Will do miss lady! I am taking both dresses to VLV 16.