Friday, December 06, 2013

Fashion Friday - Princess Coats

It has been absolutely frigid in Denver since the evening of December 3rd. The afternoon high on Tuesday was 57°F (13.9°C) and quickly dropped to -9°F (-22.8°C). It has been snowing on and off and the temperature has not risen above 7°F (-13.9°C) since Tuesday. You can imagine that I am dressing less for style at the moment and more for practicality and warmth.

I ask you, what is warmer than a coat and more stylish than a princess coat! I mean just look at these stylish women.

With fur, mohair, Balenciaga, and fabulous plaid! (clockwise L-R)

I love this coat on Ulyana Sergeenko. What a dream (sigh).

Or these gorgeous coats designed by such big names a Dior and Balenciaga.

Charles James 1946-1952 

House of Balenciaga Fall/Winter 1948–49

House of Dior 1947 & 1954

Norman Norell 1955

Mainbocher 1946 & 1948

Shannon Rodgers

Every single coat above blows my mind --- I couldn't even pick a favorite if I had to do so. Regardless, they are also all completely and utterly unavailable and/or out of my price range.

What is my affordable dream princess coat? Affordable being completely subjective to the premise of Fashion Friday. So let's set an imaginary FF price of $1,000.00 maximum. Oh to have that amount in real life to spend on one clothing item (sad eyes and sighs).

I do love these two coats, both of which are now sold. I am particularly keen to the coat on the right.

My current dream princess coat is this 1930's red wool princess coat with sheared fur revers collar, double button waist, flap pockets, and red stain lining for $625.00.

You can see me here.

A first runner up would have to be this 1960's Italian wool silver princess coat with fox fur, besom pockets, and satin lining for $545.00.

You can see me here.

Second runner up goes to this 1940's Ellen Dee olive green wool gabardine princess coat with fur trim and silk crepe lining for $195.00.

You can see me here.

In fourth place, a 1940's black boucle wool princess coat with oversize mink Peter Pan collar, mink cuffs, and silk satin lining for $350.00.

You can see me here.

The final item in my dream collection is this 1950's wool gray princess coat with mink fur collar, double breasted button front, mother of pearl buttons, and, of course, satin lining. It is for auction on EBay and is currently only at $20.50. I might have to snatch it up if the price doesn't go too high.

You can see me here.

Do you own a princess coat? How long did it take you to find your dream princess coat?

If you are at the 1940's Christmas Ball tomorrow in Denver, I hope I see you there!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Fashion Friday - Sweater Dresses

Did I mention it is getting colder by the day in Denver? Truly it is. 

I was cruising around the internet looking for fashionable ladies wearing warm winter clothing when I came across these two beauties. Hey a girl needs inspiration from time to time.

It was in that moment I realized I have had been wanting a sweater dress for years but never felt comfortable enough with my body to purchase one. Then a few dresses worn by Dita von Teese came to mind, most vividly the Dior dress on the left. I have wanted that dress since the moment I saw it so many years ago.

As much as I love the Dior dress, my dream sweater dress is made by Gene Shelly and stops my heart. Sadly, I didn't purchase it when I had the chance and now will always have to do without. 

As you can imagine, a few of my Fashion Friday selections are Gene Shelly designs. In fact the first three are Gene Shelly. 

The first has been a favorite of mine for a long time. It is a 1950's creamy knit wool dress adorned with tiny glass beads for $299.00. I love the back and floral motif.

You can see me here.

The second Gene Shelly is this amazing 1950's heavily sequined knit dress for $260.00. I cannot begin to imagine how amazing this dress would look on the dance floor. Sigh.

You can see me here.

My final Gene Shelly dress is less flashy but perfect for winter. A 1950's baby blue knit dress with with and silver branch pattern beading for $215.00. I really love the deep cut back and that it has its original belt.

You can see me here.

My fourth dress and first non Gene Shelly is a 1940's pink knit dress for $80.00. I really liked the shape of this dress and that it is an understated daytime option.

You can see me here.

My last dress is a 1950's beaded and sequined beige wool dress for $215.00. Let's be honest with one another, I love this dress because it is anything but understated. I love gaudy!!!

You can see me here.

I really need a sweater dress now! Can someone please find me my dream sweater dress from above?

Monday, November 25, 2013

A Hauté Trip to Los Angeles

If you follow Missy, MiaRuby, or me on Instgram than you've seen some of the pictures from my all too short weekend in Los Angeles at the end of September. If you read Missy's blog than you have seen even more.

I flew into Burbank on Friday afternoon and Ruby picked me up at the airport. We were just a little excited to see each other... just a little.

See, only a little excitement on Fun Size's face.

There no better way to start a short vacation weekend than with beers!

This is the one time you all will see me without my makeup on.
I don't fly with makeup on because it's just too much on my skin.

Shortly after my arrival, we had dinner and headed to Long Beach. Man, what a drive! I applaud Missy for making that drive all the way from Los Feliz; particularly after working all day long!!

Anyway, we got ready and headed out to dance. I had a great pageboy styled by Missy that melted because I won't stop dancing... ever! My wet set will not hold up to the vigor with which I insist upon dancing.

Ah the smell of Bakelite in the evening! How I love thee.

What can I say... Missy is a tall lady!

Dancing the night away and getting so sweaty.
We also realized, thanks to Mia, that we all kind of matched by accident.

We jived and strolled the night away until almost closing time. This is the night I was gifted with my new nickname, "Jiving Jedi" from Ruby. 

Saturday morning came all too quickly but was made much more tolerable by Michelada's, Mexican food, and a trip to the beach. Oh my how I have missed the sound and smell of the ocean since moving to landlocked Denver.

Looks like I fibbed. This is the only other time you'll see me without makeup.

After sprucing up and deciding to intentionally match, Ruby and I headed to downtown Hollywood to do some shopping. We both wore hand painted Mexican circle skirts, tooled leather shoes, and a gaggle of Bakelite bracelets.

Required Hollywood sign photos.

Freaking gorgeous mural off of Hollywood Boulevard. This could be my favorite trip photo.

After we both found a great item or two, it was off the Tiki Ti for Tiki drinks! Oh my deliciousness.

I don't remember what my drink was called but I do remember that it was pineapple and coconut heaven.

Saturday was an eventful day to say the least and it was far from over. We changed outfits quickly at a friend's house and off we went to the Dapper Social in downtown LA.

I decided to wear my newly acquired 1940's gown that I had found earlier Saturday on Hollywood Boulevard. The gown is crazy beautiful. It has rhinestone throughout on both sides and is this amazing bright coral. It also only cost me $45.00.

So many gorgeous rhinestone.

Super lady like on the left.

I am having serious RBF in this picture.
Stole from Technicolor Cutie. 

Our final stop on Saturday was Viva Cantina to see Omar & the Stringpoppers.

Ruby and I decided to once again match on purpose. We both wore Hawaiian dresses and Springlators.

Thank you to Dave Salvaje from the Frantic Rockers for jiving with
me multiple times over the weekend.

Denver needs sippy cups for my alcoholic beverages!!
It should be mentioned that Bakelite huffing was the theme of the weekend.

Rick Miller proving he's no wuss

Viva Cantina is super fun! They have great DJ's playing between live music sets. We need a little more of that in Denver.

I left with early with Missy (who took most of my Viva Cantina photos for me... thank you Missy!) and her husband. She and I had important business to tend to at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday but that is another post entirely.

Sunday morning was filled with work for Whirling Turban but the afternoon and evening were mine.

My afternoon was spent with my cousin I haven't seen much time with since I was 17 years old and shopping with Ruby.

I did manage to find one item in Burbank for myself that was a reasonable price.

My new cardigan with rhinestone cuffed sleeves.

Ruby and I then had a photo shoot with Rick Miller and an interview for a TV show on Speed TV.

Ms. Champagne. I have some photos of me but you'll not be seeing those.

Missy, who had to work all day (boo!!), finally got off work and so we headed to her house to get ready for my last big LA event, The Cicada Club. 

Missy did my hair and made my entire dress for this event! Seriously, how talented is she!? She did a whole article/blog about making the dress. It fit me like a glove!

I am also wearing a fur that I traded her for; she now owns a Shaheen. 

Mr. Anderson was the only gentleman that was man enough to join our table of ladies.

Let us pause here to talk about how freaking gorgeous Ruby's dress is. So swoon worthy.

I can't wait for an occasion to wear this dress again.

My final stop before hopping a 7:00 a.m. flight, was at an amazing speak easy. It may not look like anything special from the outside but the inside was amazing! The live musicians playing absolutely blew me away.

My trip was a whirlwind to say the least. I am pretty sure that Missy, Ruby, and I were all exhausted by my trip. Thank you ladies for your hospitality and for staying out all hours of the day and night with me.

My LA trip is one not to soon be forgotten.

What are some of your more memorable trips?