Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Haute Fashion & Exciting News

So a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to walk in a haute fashion show for Francis D. Roces who is the designer of Kimono Dragons. My hair and makeup were done by Cha Cha Romero and her assistant Betty Bumps; they will be doing the MUAH for VLV 16 fashion show(s).

I wanted to share just a few pictures from the Kimono Dragons show.

Hair & Makeup completed

With the designer, Francis D. Roces

Ending the show with the designer

Do you enjoy haute fashion?

Now for the exciting news, I was informed yesterday that I will get to walk in the VLV 16 fashion show! I am so excited!!

Baci Tutti!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

VLV 16: Preparation Post 1

I wanted to share my newest Viva dress with you all because I am so terribly excited. I am now the proud owner of this Alfred Shaheen polished bright cotton hawaiian dress! I have wanted a Shaheen for years but am too top heavy to fit into... well, every single dress I have seen before. Finally last night my dreams came true all because of Micheline Pitt. Thank you Shaheen gods!

I really can't wait to wear this number at VLV16!

I'm headed to Vail for the weekend so have a beautiful weekend everyone!

Baci Tutti!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Custom Snood Winner!

January 15, 2013 has finally arrived and thus it is time to draw a winner for the Custom Snood from Arthelias Attic. Below are the participants that followed the rules and will be entered into the drawing.

- Nika Chick at Cheeky Vintage Chick
Ali Pol (I forgot to mark down your blog when I looked at it earlier in the week.)
Jessica Cangiano at Chronically Vintage
Lorena Be-Bop at Be-Bop Lashes
MistressCatgirl at A Girl of Many Interests
Sean MacKenzie at The Fictionista
Bunny Moreno at Bunny's Victory
Avonlea_dreamer at The Homespun Treadler
Mideva at Mideva’s Meandering
Dolly Madison at Dolly Madison Designs
Rockabilly Belle at Rockabelle Bombshell
Emileigh Mimi at Flashback Summer
Helen Mae at Lovebirds Vintage
Laurence at Lost in the 50’s

Here we go....

Sorry Rockabilly Belle, I spelled your blog name incorrectly on the drawing

Our winner is actually Jessica Cangiano at Chronically Vintage per the wishes of Rockabilly Belle at Rockabelle Bombshell who stated "would love it if you would count my blogging of the Snoods towards Jessica's at Chronically Vintage, she is such a sweetheart and wants one so bad:)"

First, Rockabelle Bombshell that is so incredibly giving and sweet it makes me tear up a little (seriously). 

Second, congratulations Jessica!!! Please contact me via my email address in the contact me section. I cannot wait to see what you select and how you style it with your new hair.

Thank you all for your participation!


As a sidenote, anyone that would like to entire a new giveaway, head over the The Rockabilly Socialite's blog. She is doing a great giveaway for a pair of SparkleLux earrings!

Baci Tutti!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Finger Waves Tutorial

The  request for a finger waves tutorial have spoken and I was finally able to get with my girlfriend Tre to do a quick picture tutorial for you ladies on finger waves. She's a busy lady!

First, finger waves are very hard to do. I asked a few friends of mine, all hairstylist, how hard finger waves are to achieve based on a scale of one to ten. Each person told me that at a minimum finger waves are an eight to nine to do on others/clients and a ten, without question, to do on ones self. Do not get discouraged with this style. It will take multiple attempts to get it right and make it look the way that you desire.

Second, with finger waves there is no such thing as too much water. The wetter the hair, the easier it is to mold. If you can't get the hair to do what you want, add more water.
Lastly, if you want your waves to look good you will need to spend thirty minutes to an hour setting the waves. This is not a style that can be achieved, at least in the beginning, by rushing or cutting corners.
Let's get started...

What items you will need to achieve finger waves:

Rat comb, teasing brush, comb/pick

Wave combs, not required but highly recommended

Small curlers of any type and bobby pins

Pomade, setting lotion, gel, or fiber gum putty


Close up of the putty. It looks and feels a little like snot.


Water, water, and more water

Start by wetting your hair with a spray bottle or in the shower, then apply your product of choice. For Tre's hair, I put in a quarter size amount of the fiber gum putty and a dime size amount of pomade.

Remember, there is no such thing as too wet

Decide where you want your hair to part. I was lazy and didn't make Tre's hair part crisp like I should have.

Do not fight your hairs natural inclination to go forward or backward. Tre's hair wants to go backward on both sides at the part and looks very forced and awkward when we tried to go forward. Your hair may be just the opposite. Either way just go with it. Comb the hair back at an angle of your preference and smooth it out on the scalp as much as possible.

Once you have included the hair you want in the wave place your fingers firmly on the scalp and then start to comb the hair at the opposite angle. It is recommended that you use one to three fingers per wave. To achieves Tre's look above, use two fingers for each wave.

Your waves should look similar to the one below. It should have an obvious ridge where you combed the wave in the opposite direction.


Place a wave clip on the ridge if you have them. If not, be very careful not to disturb the ridge.

We were a little rushed for this tutorial. You should not have gaps in your
hair like hers does.... that's my fault

You will continue to comb the hair in opposing directions making ridges with each directional change.

You will eventually get to a stopping place (typically four waves). Any hair leftover should be put into a curler or made into a pin curl.

Now do the same thing to the other side.

For this tutorial we only curled the back of her hair. We realized most people will not be able to successfully finger wave that area.

Now you have to let your hair dry. If you have a standing dryer it will take approximately an hour to dry your hair. If you do not have a standing dryer, expect your hair to take no less than four hours to dry; if you have thick hair double that to no less than eight hours. Tre's hair took eight hours to air dry for the 1940's Christmas Ball.

I'm lucky I have a standing dryer

Now that you've let your hair dry completely, go ahead and take out your bobby pins, rollers, wave clips, etc. Your hair should stay set afterwards (like below).

Because I was rushed setting her hair it will look better brushed out. I used my teasing brush (the middle brush in the second picture) to gently brush her finger waves so that the blended out the blank spots.

You can stop here if you want a soft yet harder wave

Or continue brushing until you are happy!

Do the same thing on the other side so that both sides match.

The back of the hair can either be super curly and fluffy or brushed out into waves. Both options look beautiful.

For the 1940's Christmas Ball, we didn't brush Tre's waves at all because I took my time and did each wave correctly. We also only finger brushed her curls because they were also set in a brick pattern.

Let me know if you have any questions about finger waves. I am happy to answer them.

As a sidenote, don't forget today is the last day you can enter the Custom Snood Giveaway. I will be drawing a winner on Tuesday, January 15th!

Baci Tutti!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Fashion Friday - Viva Las Vegas 16 Dress

For many years, I have been absolutely enamored with a particular photograph of Elizabeth Taylor. It wasn't just about her innate glamour, which was plentiful, it was the way she took an understated dress and make it an absolutely stunning item. The dress is a simple, high neck 1950's blue polka dot dress.

The photograph

I finally decided I could no longer longingly look at this photograph and do nothing about it. Thus, I used VLV 16 as an excuse to have this dress made for me. I have again enlisted the ever so fabulous Esther at Morningstar 84 to make my dress dreams come true.  Last year she made this beauty for me for VLV 15.

Oh how I love the petal bust and tie straps.

It also has a bolero that I am not wearing.

So now that I have purchased the power of Esther, what items am I hoping to match with this dress.

I actually need a belt and this is by far my favorite! I like the thickness and pattern... and of course the color.

My next two items are both shoes. I want both but can't afford both so it will probably come down to budget. If the budget is super tight, I'll be wearing white wedges which will look lovely as well.

Penny Loves Kenny Falken Flats

ReMix Eva Pumps

As for jewelry, I would love to have this signed Weiss clamper bracelet and earring set but given the price, that will never happen.

Instead, I will likely go with one of these two options.

Love the metal and "stone" look

Blue lucite and rhinestone

No matter what accessories I end up with, this dress is going to be unique and a dream come true for me.

Baci Tutti!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

New Year's Resolution No. 2

My second New Year's 2013 resolution is to dance more. More jive, more jitterbug, more lindy hop, and learn more shag and maybe some balboa. In particular, I want to work on my jive since VLV 16 is just around the corner. My frequent dance partner Michael wants to enter the VLV jive competition and though I have my reservations, we will end up gracing the dance floor. So at a minimum of two days a week for two hours each session, Michael and I will be practicing jive until it looks refined (like these fine people in the video below).

Last Saturday night, in keeping with my jive refinement resolution, I headed out with friends to dance the night away to Tommy Price and the Stilettos. They are from San Diego and just relocated to Denver; a complete and total win for Denver!
The band was fantastic and Tommy is so good he goes outside to play and smoke but never misses a beat. It's insane!
Tommy outside smoking and playing while the band plays on inside

My eyes are closed but it is still such a good photo

Nat is such a good dancer and she is learning to led... and doing a great job at it!

Nat & I obviously think alike a little

Baci Tutti!