Friday, March 22, 2013

VLV 16 - Last Second Preparations and a Little Tiki Time

I feel as though I am so ill prepared this year for Viva Las Vegas. I am definitely a planner and organizer by nature; I haven't even started to pack my suitcases for the trip. I have been making a few last minute decision though. One of these was to get some business cards. I get asked often enough what my blog address is that I felt the purchase was warranted.

Backside of my new business cards

I also went shopping with my mom last weekend and really overspent on makeup. In fact it is an embarrassing amount, though on the bright side I did walk away with a few great items.

The oh-so-coveted Urban Decay Naked Palette.
I grabbed the last one in the store.

Benefits Magic Ink liquid eyeliner.
This stuff is the darkest black I have ever used.

New foundation with a lovely, smooth finish.

Red lipstick is my mainstay but I really wanted to try a plum/purple color.
I chose Fig from Smashbox and it looks divine.

I also got superbly lucky this week. My coworker made a large Estee Lauder perfume purchase at Macy's and gave me her free eight piece gift!

I also had the immense pleasure of spending time with Meteor Vintage on Wednesday.

We went thrift shopping, regular shopping, and then ended our evening with a tiki drink at Adrift. I managed to not purchase anything though there is one item below that I may have to go back for...

Display at Decades

Display at Decades

This piece is for sale at Decades for $285. The wood work on it is stunning.

Love the little metal case.

I would love to have this as my travel makeup bag.
Window dressing at Alex Lee

Window dressing at a sewing shop

Seychelles shoes for $16.50 in my size... these would look perfect
with my Elizabeth Taylor dress.

Cute faux fur at an outrageous price

But the lining was so pretty.

A large tiki in the ladies room.

This will be my last post until I return from Vegas. I hope to see everyone there that is making the trip!

Expect far too many pictures upon my return. Have a wonderful few weeks and I'll see you all in April.

Baci Tutti!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Fashion Friday - Lurex

As Viva Las Vegas 16 nears, I have been shopping with aimed intent. I discovered that my wardrobe is very day dress heavy with little else. Sure, I have a pair of NKD high waisted jeans and a few 1950's prom dresses but that is it.

I have wanted a lurex dress for the last year or two. When dresses were my size, they either had a boxy shape or square neckline; both of which make me look shorter and larger. Worse, if they were my size and had a great shape, they were well over $100.00.

Last week, Doris May Day listed a lurex dress for a fantastic price, in a great shape, and my size. I didn't hesitate, even for a moment, and quickly purchased the dress. The dress came in on Monday and it fits me like a glove. I will be wearing it to VLV 16 so you only get a little, tiny preview.

New lurex dress up close

So for those readers that are newer to vintage and wondering what lurex is; it is a metallic yarn made from synthetic film, onto which a metallic aluminium, silver, or gold layers has been laminated. Lurex seems to be most popular in black with silver but other popular colors are red, pink, gold, green, and white.

Here are five beautiful lurex dresses for you on Fashion Friday.

1. For you ladies with a 27 inch and under waist, this little gold lurex wiggle dress is a priced nicely at $89.99.


2. For the ladies that have super tiny waists (24 inches or less), is my favorite hue of blue lurex and will cost you only $60.00. I absolutely love the little bow on the left shoulder.


3. One of the only white lurex dresses I could find online. It definitely has an early 1960's vibe but I think it is fantastic. If I had $150.00 and a 28 inch waist, she'd be mine.


4. This one may end up being mine if I can stomach the price. Ladies with a 29/30 inch waist, I'll be sad if you buy this but I will understand.


For me, what makes this dress is the back.

5. If the dress above is sold then this is my back up dress. It's just a pretty, in a great color, and again in my size (though the bow is on the side and the back isn't as striking).


Can you now see why I have been pining for a lurex dress? There is something about them that strongly reminds me of a shirt I owned in high school. The shirt had no structure though and hung on me like a burlap sack. I do remember that it had a striking black and silver sheen though.

Do any of you own a lurex dress? If you are going to VLV 16, are you bringing one with you?

Baci Tutti!


Friday, March 01, 2013

Fashion Friday - Border Prints

It has truly been awhile since I have felt inspired enough to do a Fashion Friday. Last Saturday, one of the local television stations in Denver was playing a variety of Academy Award winning movies. I happened to turn the television on just in time to start watching Roman Holiday from the very beginning.

I know that Audrey Hepburn is the star of this movie but I find her fashion to be a little stuffy and maybe too regal for me (yes, even me). I did, however, find a few dresses that I loved and one in particular. In the video below, at the 0:11 mark, you'll see a lovely lady walk past Gregory Peck in a beautiful border print dress. As soon as I saw her all I could think about was how much I want a border print dress or skirt.

If you have ever shopped for border print, you know first hand they are very difficult to find. This is even more true if your waist is more than 26 inches. If you happen to find one that you can afford and that will fit you, do not hesitate in your purchase. To that end, here is an example of me snoozing and then loosing...

Now for some that are available (though mostly financially unattainable)...

1. For those ladies with a 27 to 28 inch waist, a lovely Fleur de Lis and nautical themed border print skirt.


2. This absolutely stunning and completely unattainable 29.5 inch waist sarong dress and bolero combination (go ahead and let your jaw drop and then cry about the price.... I already did). 

3.   Tiny waist ladies, 24 inches, this border print skirt is for you. (Does this print look really, really familiar??)


4. A spring floral border print dress for ladies with a 28 inch waist.


Are you lucky enough to own a border print or two?

Baci Tutti!