Friday, March 22, 2013

VLV 16 - Last Second Preparations and a Little Tiki Time

I feel as though I am so ill prepared this year for Viva Las Vegas. I am definitely a planner and organizer by nature; I haven't even started to pack my suitcases for the trip. I have been making a few last minute decision though. One of these was to get some business cards. I get asked often enough what my blog address is that I felt the purchase was warranted.

Backside of my new business cards

I also went shopping with my mom last weekend and really overspent on makeup. In fact it is an embarrassing amount, though on the bright side I did walk away with a few great items.

The oh-so-coveted Urban Decay Naked Palette.
I grabbed the last one in the store.

Benefits Magic Ink liquid eyeliner.
This stuff is the darkest black I have ever used.

New foundation with a lovely, smooth finish.

Red lipstick is my mainstay but I really wanted to try a plum/purple color.
I chose Fig from Smashbox and it looks divine.

I also got superbly lucky this week. My coworker made a large Estee Lauder perfume purchase at Macy's and gave me her free eight piece gift!

I also had the immense pleasure of spending time with Meteor Vintage on Wednesday.

We went thrift shopping, regular shopping, and then ended our evening with a tiki drink at Adrift. I managed to not purchase anything though there is one item below that I may have to go back for...

Display at Decades

Display at Decades

This piece is for sale at Decades for $285. The wood work on it is stunning.

Love the little metal case.

I would love to have this as my travel makeup bag.
Window dressing at Alex Lee

Window dressing at a sewing shop

Seychelles shoes for $16.50 in my size... these would look perfect
with my Elizabeth Taylor dress.

Cute faux fur at an outrageous price

But the lining was so pretty.

A large tiki in the ladies room.

This will be my last post until I return from Vegas. I hope to see everyone there that is making the trip!

Expect far too many pictures upon my return. Have a wonderful few weeks and I'll see you all in April.

Baci Tutti!


  1. Have a great time in Vegas! I can't wait to hear all the exciting details and I hope that you have many drinks with lovely orchids in them:))) Your Urban Decay pallet purchase is awesome. I'm going to have check out the internet on this one:)

  2. Those are great purchases! I hope to get to meet you in Vegas!

  3. Ooh SO many things to go back for! Especially those shoes. Love the colour of your new lipstick. Have a fabulous time at VLV - looking forward to seeing your millions of photos and outfits!

  4. I have never ever actually seen that Urban Decay palette available in-store and I've been stalking it for almost a year. Great find. That dressing table is stunning... I would not have been able to resist! Hope you have a blast at VLV.

  5. I have nominated you for a Liebster blog award :)

  6. Love the rich, elegant shade of plum-y lipstick! A fairly similar shade (MAC's Diva) has been my second most commonly reached for lippy (after my beloved Russian Red) for the past couple of years. I'm continually impressed with just how very many different colours outfits it compliments.

    ♥ Jessica