Saturday, April 27, 2013

The VLV 16 Chronicles - Part 3

First, thank you all for your comments about the redesign of this site! Now on with the scheduled post.
Saturday, for me, is the busiest day of Viva Las Vegas. There are hundreds of vendors, cars, and shows to see. This is also the day that I wearing a minimum of three outfits.
Our Saturday started early with a wonderful limo ride over to The Orleans.
Tre in her lovely handmade Tiki dress
The line into the car show/vendor booths was very fast moving which was great for us as we didn't want to miss out on any good deals. While we were waiting though, this lovely woman walked by in what I think may be the best hat and dress combo I have seen in a very long time.
I want a shell shaped hat now.
We did a little shopping and headed over to look as some cars before it got too hot; the car show is after all in a large open, cement parking lot.

It soon got unbearable hot for me, so Tre and I headed over to relax at the pool.
I quickly slipped into a much needed nap and when I awoke the couples swimsuit contest had just started. The two ladies hosting it were catty in a hilarious way; they had me laughing the entire contest.
I absolutely loved this gals look. The hair, the flowers, and the amazing suit!

The winners! They really deserved it.

As we were leaving the pool to head back to the car show and to see Little Richard, we ran into the oh so fabulous, tall, gorgeous, and sweet Incendiary Blonde. Every time I saw her over the weekend (which was never enough), she looked stunning!
I am standing on a ledge that gave me an extra four or five inches and I'm still
shorter than Incendiary Blonde.
Back at the car show...

Proving funny is often better than sexy.
We finally ate lunch around 5:30 p.m. and Tre decided to head back to get ready for the night. She left me to watch Little Richard with our lovely Denver friends.
After a few dances we decided to head back to get ready for The Cleftones and Si Cranstoun!!!
I was beyond lucky to score the dress below from Doris May Day right before leaving for VLV 16. It was truly worth every single penny and could possibly be my new favorite dress. As far as my hair goes, I had to make lemonade from lemons. My hair set for the car show had been so tight that when I brushed it out, it became an uncontrollable mess. The only thing that it would do with any style and grace was a faux bob. I should have known better than to brush out a tight set.
The faux bob worked to my advantage though because the ballroom on Saturday nights is unbearably hot and I had long sleeves.
First up was The Cleftones and they were amazing!

The next set was the much anticipated Si Cranstoun and he was even better than last year!

Incendiary Blonde and I had chatted before the start of VLV and decided to both wear our green lurex dresses on Saturday night. As lucky would have it, I ran into her on my way back to the room to change into my Freddies of Pinewood top and NKD jeans for the late night record hop.
We danced at the record hop until about 4:00 a.m. and decided to call it a night.
Until Sunday...

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The VLV 16 Chronicles - Part 2

Tre and I had called it an early night on Thursday because we were both modeling for La Muerte Apparel on Friday at the VLV 16 Fashion Show. We had an 8:00 a.m. MUAH call with strict instructions not to drink the night before and get plenty of sleep.
I'd like to go ahead and acknowledge that I wouldn't have any of these photos had it not been for Technicolor Cutie and Mid Century Pink. Thank you so very much ladies! I hope you don't mind terribly that I am using your photos.
For the fashion show, I walked once at the start of the show and closed the La Muerte Apparel set with a short Jive to "Why" by The Cue. If you have never heard this song, please hit play below and enjoy as it is definitely a favorite song of mine.


Additional photos of the fashion show can be found here.
After the fashion show, Tre and I headed to the pool to find our Denver friends (who were chatting it up with Si Cranstoun).
The picture on the far right epitomizes the weekend; full of joy and laughter.
I was so sad looking through my pictures because I realized my Alfred Shaheen dress is just not right for me. Not the color at least, which is devastating because they didn't make many in larger sizes.
I had to quickly leave the pool area to go to a fitting with Katherine from Whirling Turban. She had three items for me to try on; one of which I had been looking at online for months.
I first tried on a lovely hand dyed yellow playsuit with eyelets and a pure white petal bust. The bodice is fully lined and boned. Oh if only yellow were a good color for me.

The other item that I had been coveting for months, via the website, was the next item that I tried on; the most lovely polka-dot top and pant set. The moment I put it on I knew it was for me. Stepping out of the bathroom and in front of Katherine and my friends, I knew by their faces that it was for me. I felt like a pale, sexy Carmen Miranda.
Not only did I purchase this beauty but I wore it as my Friday night outfit. It was just too perfect not to.
Friday night was less interesting as a night for music (for me), so Marie, Mama Liz, Tre, and I headed out to a nice dinner at Canal Street (inside The Orleans). It was the first time the entire trip that I had a truly health meal; it was delightful!

A girl has to freshen up her lipstick before heading out again. Unfortunately it must be done at the table when there is no restroom in the restaurant.
Our last stop for Friday was the ballroom to listen to the Phat Cat Swingers.
They are a fantastic group and we had a wonderful time dancing to them.
The exhaustion of the 8:00 am MUAH call accompanied with no naps finally hit me around midnight (though I am sure the dancing didn't help). I called it a night and went back to the condo to set my hair for Saturday...

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Hat Birthday Party & OOTD

I have been so overwhelmed trying to edit all of my VLV 16 photos and try to get them posted; please pardon my tardiness just a little longer.

In the meantime, I wanted to do a very short outfit / weekend post. Sunday held the hat-required-birthday party of a dear friend and cohort, Mr. T-Burd (featured below on the left with the ever dapper Mo). 

My boyfriend and I decided to bike over to the festivities as it was so nice (64 degrees Fahrenheit/17.7 degrees Celsius) and sunny outside for the first time in weeks.

During our ride over to T-Burd's house, an older gentleman pulled up beside me and told me that "Everyone should look just like you when the bicycle." Such a sweet thing to say; it definitely made me smile.

The party was wonderful and I got to dance for the first time since VLV.

My ridiculously happy bicycle featured prominently on the porch

During the "Happy Birthday" group serenade.

Now onto my outfit of the day...

Top: Freddies of Pinewood (A complete steal from a Facebook seller - $20.00!)
Pants: Nicole Katherine Designs Rockabilly Dungarees 
Earrings: E-Bay bulk jewelry
Snood: Arthelia's Attic in Cherry Red
Bangles: Thrift store. I got about 20 Lucite bangles for $3.00
Flowers: Actually I think I illegally appropriated both of these from my girlfriend Raemi
Shoes: Keds from Payless

Foundation: Warm Fair (1.1) Stuiod Skin - 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation by Smashbox Studio 
Cheeks: Melba Powder Blush by MAC

Lipstick: Ruby Woo by MAC
Lip Liner: Cherry by MAC
Eyeliner: Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner by Benefits
Eye Shadow: Virgin, Sin, and Toasted shadows from the Urban Decay Naked Palette .
Brows: Rich Chocolate Brown by Benefits ("Big Beautiful Eyes" contour kit)

Happy Birthday T-Burd


Saturday, April 06, 2013

The VLV 16 Chronicles - Part 1

My travelling companion, Tre, and I left Denver late Tuesday night for Las Vegas. Our first night was spent unpacking and relaxing. Anyone that has been to Las Vegas will tell you that you are going to stay up later, dance harder, drink more, and generally exhaut yourself; now add in VLV.
I had my nails done before leaving for VLV. One less thing to worry about.

Earrings for VLV.

Bracelets for VLV.

Wardrobe for VLV.
I was lucky that my parents allowed us to stay at their condo for the week.
Living room.
View at night.
Our Denver friends all arrived on Wednesday night; it was a very chill night. We went to the Pre-VLV 16 showcase in Big Al's so we could get the dancing started. I of course took no pictures.
I decided to keep my outfit really simple: Freddies jeans, a Nudee Dudee 1930's sailor green and cream striped boatneck knit top, and a vintage silk cream colored scarf. Wednesday was definitely a bad day for my hair.
All present except the photographer.
$8.00 drink. So, so tiny.
Thursday was pre-VLV 16 fashion show practice, Sweetpea's Hooch and Smooch, vendor's opening, and a few really great bands early in the evening.
My lovely dress designed by Esther/Morningstar84.

The first people we encountered at the Hooch and Smooch were Mid-Century Pink and her lovely spouse. They are both fantastic and it was such a treat to meet them and get to spend time with them on multiple occasions.
Don't you love MCP's pink dress!
Denver friends

Denver friends

After the meet and greet, Tre and I had to head over to runway practice; we both were walking for La Muerte. By the time we got done the vendor rooms had opened and so we went to peruse for a few hours.

I wanted this dress so badly and it was my size.

After the vendor room, I meet with Katherine, owner and designer, of Whirling Turban. Tre and I got to sit with her and look through her beautiful designs and fabrics. She is so very talented. I think you'll be seeing more about her here later.

Sadly, our runway call for hair and makeup was at 8:00 a.m. on Friday so we had to head home early so we didn't look terrible on stage.
I've got a few hundred more pictures to edit but will try to get parts 2-4 up as soon as possible.

Baci Tutti!