Tuesday, May 28, 2013

1920's Deco Giveaway Winner

First, I would like to thank everyone that choose to participate in the 1920's Deco Collection by Besame giveaway.

One winner will receive:

  • Black Liquorice Lip Glaze
  • Noir Red Lipstick
And without further adieu the winner is....

Mel at Incendiary Blonde! Congratulations Mel!!

Please contact me on either Facebook or send an email to hauterockabillyfashionista@gmail.com.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My New Outfit from Nudeedudee

If you follow HRF on Facebook you already know that I received a great 1940's rayon jersey sailor style top with flutter sleeves and 1940's red gabardine wide leg pants from Nudeedudee last Friday.

I have a few other items created by Kim. I love each one and would say that each item get above standard usage.  A prime example of that is my 1930's boat-neck striped shirt in green and white; which has made not one but two trips to VLV because it is such a great staple and go-to-piece.

Getting ready for Lindy on the Rocks 2012

VLV 15

My boyfriend and I were going to attend a filming of American Ninja Warrior on Sunday and I decided this would be a  perfect chance to premiere my new duds. Unfortunately, all we had was our mobile phone cameras because someone (pointing finger at myself) forgot to bring a real camera. I also stated on my Facebook page that I would do an outfit post of my new outfit and I try not to disappoint.

I am, however, sorry for the bit of blur and the erratic colors. The only picture that really came out well is the first one.

These pants are really red. Which is right up my alley.

A little blurry but shows the outfit the best

I got a lot of stares and a few compliments. People always seem so put out that I am dressed up; almost like they are offended. Do any of you get that type of reaction when you are fully dressed?

After a long evening in this outfit, I can say without hesitation that these are the most elegant and comfortable pants I have ever owned. They sway in the wind and the color is so gorgeous. I also love the top! That cut on the neck and the sleeves is really flattering to my curves / bust-line.

This outfit definitely makes me feel tall, thin, and elegant.

I also did a quick photo of my hair, makeup, accessories when we got home. Sorry, I probably look a little worse for the wear after a long night out drinking. Of course, I once again used my terrible camera phone for photos so I am positive that doesn't help my case.

You can't tell but I have a large scar on my right brow. I am
missing all of my hair from my arch toward my hairline.

Cute clip-on pearl earrings with rhinestones.


This is also the final reminder to enter the 1920's Deco Giveaway if you so desire.  I'll draw the winner on Saturday!

Friday, May 17, 2013

1940's Ball - Style Inspiration Preparation

The 1940's Ball is less than a month away and it is time for me to start planning. Denver has so few formal vintage events that I feel like I should pull out all the stops like I would for VLV.

This year I want to change it up and not wear a dress, so I'll be wearing my Whirling Turban polka-dot pant and top set I purchased at VLV 16.

Now for my style inspiration... it's going to be Carmen Miranda!

1945 VJ Day

I  love her Tutti-Frutti turbans and accessories but I really love her style when she is doing something a little different. I love her over-the-top style. It is right up my alley.

This turban with butterflies could possibly be my favorite look of hers.

Super colorful but no fruit in sight

Classic and yet different. I love the hairstyle and that fringe bottom dress.

I think that doing a literal translation of Carmen Miranda's style doesn't do her justice. I have yet to see anyone doing it better than she did.

So, how am I going to style myself?

Currently, I am leaning toward either a turban style or one of these hairstyles.

I love the stars/starfish in her hair in this photo.

I am not sure I have anything quite as beautiful as the item she is wearing in her hair but
the style is definitely achievable 

This is the style I am most likely to go with. just add hair accessories As a side note, can I please have all of those shoes?

Speaking of shoes... I will be wearing white wedges a la Carmen Miranda of course. I am brainstorming ways to making them looking more interesting. Do you have any recommendations? I am wearing them below. I am thinking maybe embroidery or sequins?

As for accessories, lots and lots of accessories. That rule Coco Chanel had about taking one item off before you leave the house, that will not be followed. What accessories? I'm still on the lookout but I am thinking a lot of red and gold but we'll see.


Don't forget to enter the 1920's Besame Giveaway!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Whirling Interview

Viva Las Vegas 16 was quite a whirlwind for me. I got to see musical groups  I have wanted to see for a long time, wear some great "new" vintage clothing, and meet a lot of fellow bloggers. One of the highlights of VLV 16 for me, personally, was meeting Katherine Robinson, the mind and hands behind Whirling Turban.


Katherine is an artist. She has an eye for vintage details and the feminine form. Everything about her designs are stunning; the fabric, the cut, the boning, truly all the little details. Each item she makes looks and feels, appropriately, like a work of art.




My personal favorite at this time (Source)

I remember quite well the first time I stumbled across the Whirling Turban website. I was shopping for a 1950's themed birthday party about six, maybe seven, years ago. I was just getting into vintage and moving further away from my hip sitting jeans, hooded sweatshirts, and Vans. I hadn't quite identified my own personal style but I knew I wanted to be more elegant, more striking. I saw the dress below and thought it might be one of the most beautiful dresses I had ever seen.


I have been monitoring and admiring Whirling Turban creations ever since that party.

Flash forward to Friday night at VLV 16. I had the chance to attend a meet and greet with Katherine. During that time I got to know more about her work, her studio in Bali, her handmade and hand dyed fabrics, and herself. I asked her if I may interview her for HRF and she was nice enough to oblige me.


I read that you started making and designing clothing because you grew up in a cowboy town with few options. I can relate to the lack of options growing up but wasn't talented enough to sew my own designs. How did you learn to sew and to hone your craft? 

My entire career has been in fashion and always in the construction end of it, so I learned a lot on the job and several times in my life I went back to school to learn more of the specific skill such as pattern making or fashion illustration. But I'll focus on how I learned to sew before I left home.
I started with a class at the YWCA and took Home Economics sewing classes in high school. My mom even paid for some private lessons for me from a local high school girl when I was still in junior high. My parents were always really supportive of my interests and paid for my fabrics. Who knew at the time that paying for my fabrics and some sewing classes would end up being the foundation of my entire career? I've always loved to do things with my hands so I spent a lot of time practicing. Learning to sew can be very frustrating and I think that the younger you are the more patience you have to learn the hard parts when you really don't know what you're doing and end up installing a sleeve into the neck opening before you figure out where you have gone wrong and things like that. The one thing I did figure out early on that has served me in such good stead was to stop when I was getting really frustrated, put the project away and come back to it another time. That's very hard to do when you've got it in your head that you're sewing now and you want to get what you're doing done. But it's one of the most important things I learned about sewing.

You worked in Hollywood and NYC for many years. Most women, including myself, are inspired by Hollywood starlets of yore. Who is your style icon(s) and why?

While I adore a number of stars of the silver screen, they aren't usually my style icons. Stars have stylists and designers to help create their look for the most part. My icons are the people who were do-it-yourselfers, and who had so much creativity or such a burning desire to express themselves that they couldn't hold it in. I also have a weakness for excess and "so much soul, you can't control" plus an appreciation for humor and tongue-in-cheek.
Diana Vreeland had incredible style but she also was just as creative about the way she lived her life. Her life was a work of art. She lived her life in such sweeping, grand gestures.

Tony Duquette was so multi-talented, I love his aesthetic and the way he incorporated the exotic and like so many of my favorites he often careened into the rococo and made "over-the-top" work and tasteful (no small task). He did costumes, he did sets for stage and screen, he did interior and garden design and even costume jewelry. In later life,  he did some installations.


Speaking of over the top, I adore Liberace who was a master of self-invention. I was lucky enough to tour the Liberace Museum which houses his unbelievable costumes before it closed in Las Vegas. He had so many shticks; the candelabra on the grand piano, all the rings. He's got to be the past master of over-the-top.

Not that I try to create Whirling Turban dresses that are over-the-top per se, but I just so enjoy that when I see creative people who aren't afraid to embrace that. I take such delight in them.

Carmen Miranda was a total self-invention and font of creativity. So over-the-top she makes me want to squeal with delight.


Frida Kahlo. I have a book on her wardrobe alone. Her sense of style was as powerful as her paintings. And always found a place for one more ribbon or ruffle. And she did all this while camouflaging a horribly clunky metal back brace!



I absolutely love your designs. My current favorites are the Gold-Shot Midnight Blue with Gold Lame Contrast Bust and the Copper Lame Sarong Dress. Which item(s) are you favorite to make and why?

We customize so many of our dresses and it's such fun to see how each one comes out. A big part of what makes something a favorite for me this when it really expresses the personality of the woman who wears it. It takes me so much time to perfect a pattern that I wouldn't go through that unless I adored the design, so really they are all my babies and all my favorites and I get excited about them all the time.

What brings you design inspiration?

I have thousands and thousands and thousands of photos saved on my hard drive. Most of them are 20th century vintage that there are ethnic images and haute couture from the last 10 years in there as well. And I have a book collection on all kinds of costume related things, from embroidered Chinese slippers to 1920's hat making. 20 minutes in any of this material will inspire me. I also get inspired by people. I might meet someone and start thinking about how I would dress them to express their personality.

For those of us learning to sew or improving our sewing abilities, what words of wisdom can you offer?

Take it slow and easy. Do a project you can start and finish fairly easily and reasonably quickly so that you have a sense of satisfaction. Grow the accumulated sense of satisfaction and the skills will take care of themselves along the way. That and stop sewing as soon as you get frustrated.

Lastly, what is your one vintage item that you can’t live without?

Well, that changes because I am sure to wear that item to the point that it's threadbare. But right now I have a pair of wool genuine military issue sailor pants that are so dark blue there nearly black and are from some time around mid century and in mint condition. I'm really tiny, yet these are men's pants and they fit me absolutely perfectly. There so flattering; I just love them. Those would have to be my current favorite.


I would like to thank Katherine for her time and for designing what may very well be the best piece in my wardrobe now. I can't wait for her to see how I dress it up at the 1940's Ball.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

1920's Deco Giveaway --- CLOSED

In the spirit of The Great Gatsby being released this weekend, I am going to be doing a giveaway. So what is up for grabs? The 1920's Deco Collection by Besame.


One winner will receive:

  • Black Liquorice Lip Glaze: Add radiance to your lips with our irresistible Lip Glaze. Thick and creamy like a sugar glaze it goes on silky smooth and really lasts. Not sticky or runny, flavored with sweet Black Liquorice. Deep color with intense shine.
  • Noir Red Lipstick: A modern classic and the perfect 1920s shade. One coat of this high-pigment lip color provides full coverage for a weightless, long-lasting finish. The featherproof, semi-matte formula is enriched with vitamin C, aloe and green tea for comfortable, all-day wear. Packaging is reminiscent of original 1940s gold-plated lipstick bullets with a velvet pouch for storage.
There are many ways to enter and they are:
  • Be a blog follower.
  • Like HRF on Facebook.
  • Like HRF on Instagram.
  • Post about this giveaway on your blog.
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You may enter once for each item above (so a maximum of six times). Once you have done any of the above leave me a comment. Make sure you leave a separate comment for each thing you do.
This giveaway is open internationally and will be open until Saturday, May 25, 2013 at 12:01 p.m. MDT.
Good luck!

Friday, May 10, 2013

The VLV 16 Chronicles - The Finale

After a fantastic Saturday, it was a little hard to get myself out of the bed but the excitement of the day prevailed. Michael, Tre, and I got ready and were lucky enough, again, to have a limo waiting to take us to The Orleans for our last day at VLV 16.

For the pool party I absolutely had to wear my 1950's Deweese Designs swimsuit with 3-D appliques. I will also apologize in advance; I am without makeup the whole pool party. I need to reapply my sunscreen every couple of hours to ensure that I do not burn and makeup gets in the way.

Sunday is the day to go to the pool. It is highly recommended that you arrive early if you want to get any type of real estate. Luckily for me, my friends were staying at The Orleans and were poolside by the time we arrived at 11 a.m. Thank you again dear friends!

Guess who was sitting with the Denver crew? If you guessed the Temperamental Broad, then you are correct! I had been looking for her all weekend for a multitude of reasons. Let me tell you, that petite lass does not disappoint. She looked absolutely divine from head to toe and back up to purse!

Tre and I soon realized that we were without a beverage and headed over to the Mai Tai stand. Those drinks are $11.00 and are about the size of three regular drinks. Oh mai! 

While standing in line, we noticed Lisa Freemont Street and Katherine from Whirling Turban taking ladies full measurements in the gazebo. It's my opinion that every girl needs to know their exact measurements and so we headed over.

While getting measured I saw the lovely Mid-Century Pink and honey. Tre promptly ran over to ask them to join us!

Not even five minutes after we returned to our area to relax in the sun, I saw Technicolor Cutie. Finally!! She was another fellow blogger that I had been keeping my eyes peeled for the entire weekend.


We all sat down and started to chat, eat, drink, and be merry.

One of my very favorite photos from VLV

Technicolor Cutie's husband brought along his camera and took some of the best pictures of the weekend (according to me).



A lovely photo of my friends Natalie and Marie. Marie is wearing my Rose Marie Reed swimsuit I wore during one of my swimsuit contest this past summer.


Time absolutely flew by at the pool. I loved talking to the girls and getting to know them better.

It was all too quickly 3:00 p.m. and time for the ladies swimsuit competition. The ladies really had some lovely suits and accessories.

Again, for the best photo's head over to Technicolor Cuties' blog to see the photos from her husband.

As soon as the competition was over, I needed to get ready for the Jive Competition which I was incredibly nervous about. A quick shower, some makeup, and some uncooperative hair and I was out the door by 5:45 p.m.

By this point my nerves were really doing a number on me and so I decided to drink my whole flask in one drink. In retrospect that was probably not the best idea I have ever had, but my nerves were no where to be found after so my plan worked.

I found a great video of the beginning of the Jive Competition but cannot get it to upload to my blog. It is probably licensed that way. So if you want to see the contest (and me) you'll need to check it out here. Some people have commented that dancers were better in the past. To them I say, I'll see you out there on the floor next year. 

After the competition, there was a lot of dancing and drinking while we waited for Nikki Hill.

Nikki Hill took the Ballroom by storm!

After Nikki Hill, I went to dinner with Mid-Century Pink and honey. I just love them. They are so sweet and so much fun to talk too. Though I am 100% sure I rambled most of the dinner because someone.... had too much to drink.

After dinner and a little last minute shopping, Michael and I headed home (see sentence above). I believe I passed out the moment my head hit the pillow; he had finally danced himself into exhaustion.


Well readers, that is it for The VLV 16 Chronicles. I hope you have enjoyed the journey as much as I did and I hope that I will see you all there next year!