Friday, May 10, 2013

The VLV 16 Chronicles - The Finale

After a fantastic Saturday, it was a little hard to get myself out of the bed but the excitement of the day prevailed. Michael, Tre, and I got ready and were lucky enough, again, to have a limo waiting to take us to The Orleans for our last day at VLV 16.

For the pool party I absolutely had to wear my 1950's Deweese Designs swimsuit with 3-D appliques. I will also apologize in advance; I am without makeup the whole pool party. I need to reapply my sunscreen every couple of hours to ensure that I do not burn and makeup gets in the way.

Sunday is the day to go to the pool. It is highly recommended that you arrive early if you want to get any type of real estate. Luckily for me, my friends were staying at The Orleans and were poolside by the time we arrived at 11 a.m. Thank you again dear friends!

Guess who was sitting with the Denver crew? If you guessed the Temperamental Broad, then you are correct! I had been looking for her all weekend for a multitude of reasons. Let me tell you, that petite lass does not disappoint. She looked absolutely divine from head to toe and back up to purse!

Tre and I soon realized that we were without a beverage and headed over to the Mai Tai stand. Those drinks are $11.00 and are about the size of three regular drinks. Oh mai! 

While standing in line, we noticed Lisa Freemont Street and Katherine from Whirling Turban taking ladies full measurements in the gazebo. It's my opinion that every girl needs to know their exact measurements and so we headed over.

While getting measured I saw the lovely Mid-Century Pink and honey. Tre promptly ran over to ask them to join us!

Not even five minutes after we returned to our area to relax in the sun, I saw Technicolor Cutie. Finally!! She was another fellow blogger that I had been keeping my eyes peeled for the entire weekend.


We all sat down and started to chat, eat, drink, and be merry.

One of my very favorite photos from VLV

Technicolor Cutie's husband brought along his camera and took some of the best pictures of the weekend (according to me).



A lovely photo of my friends Natalie and Marie. Marie is wearing my Rose Marie Reed swimsuit I wore during one of my swimsuit contest this past summer.


Time absolutely flew by at the pool. I loved talking to the girls and getting to know them better.

It was all too quickly 3:00 p.m. and time for the ladies swimsuit competition. The ladies really had some lovely suits and accessories.

Again, for the best photo's head over to Technicolor Cuties' blog to see the photos from her husband.

As soon as the competition was over, I needed to get ready for the Jive Competition which I was incredibly nervous about. A quick shower, some makeup, and some uncooperative hair and I was out the door by 5:45 p.m.

By this point my nerves were really doing a number on me and so I decided to drink my whole flask in one drink. In retrospect that was probably not the best idea I have ever had, but my nerves were no where to be found after so my plan worked.

I found a great video of the beginning of the Jive Competition but cannot get it to upload to my blog. It is probably licensed that way. So if you want to see the contest (and me) you'll need to check it out here. Some people have commented that dancers were better in the past. To them I say, I'll see you out there on the floor next year. 

After the competition, there was a lot of dancing and drinking while we waited for Nikki Hill.

Nikki Hill took the Ballroom by storm!

After Nikki Hill, I went to dinner with Mid-Century Pink and honey. I just love them. They are so sweet and so much fun to talk too. Though I am 100% sure I rambled most of the dinner because someone.... had too much to drink.

After dinner and a little last minute shopping, Michael and I headed home (see sentence above). I believe I passed out the moment my head hit the pillow; he had finally danced himself into exhaustion.


Well readers, that is it for The VLV 16 Chronicles. I hope you have enjoyed the journey as much as I did and I hope that I will see you all there next year!


  1. So many fabulous photos! You are too cute! Next year, by golly, we just have to cross paths ;-)

    Technically less than a year to go 'til VLV 17!

    1. We'll have to make it a point to try to meet next year. Maybe a little Shaheen meet up?

  2. All this fun and excitement!! I certainly feel transported to a different time. Love all the color! You ladies all look so smart in your lovely swimsuits and certainly have the lovely hair styles to match:)

    1. I hope that you will get to attend VLV 17!

  3. Wowee! You guys sure had a ball! It's easy for people to comment on the dancing when they are just standing there... You have to dance well and dance for a long time - serious stamina!!! You get a lot of credit in my book for going for it! The worst part about not going this year was missing the opportunity to meet all the cool pals I've made through blogging! NEXT YEAR!

    1. I couldn't agree with you more Mr. Tiny. Even bad dancers are working hard and they are trying to learn. Unless you are on the floor I don't think you have room to criticize. Plus, any good dancer doesn't criticize because everyone was a beginner once.

      Hope to see you next year at VLV 17!

  4. You certainly have a fantastic record of your time at VLV this year! It sounds fun although slightly exhausting. I just love your gold dress in the last few photos and (I think I've said this before) your tattoo is really stunning.

    1. Thank you dear! I got that dress for a whole $22 at a consignment shop.

      I tried to be better this year about taking photos since last year I didn't take any really.

      I am loving my tattoo though it isn't even half way finished. Thank you though!

  5. Oh, how I have thoroughly adored your posts devoted to this years VLV fun. There are so many stylish inspirations to be garnered from what the ladies there wear, and each photo only furthers my own desire to hopefully make it to Viva some distant day myself, too.

    Huge thanks for sharing all of these great snaps with us!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. So many gorgeous girls in one place, this is amazing :D

  7. Oh geez, I'm overwhelmed with jealousy! This would be so much fun! Your swimsuit is crazy cute and how neat to meet so many vintage bloggers. Yep, pretty jealous right now! ;-)