Friday, December 06, 2013

Fashion Friday - Princess Coats

It has been absolutely frigid in Denver since the evening of December 3rd. The afternoon high on Tuesday was 57°F (13.9°C) and quickly dropped to -9°F (-22.8°C). It has been snowing on and off and the temperature has not risen above 7°F (-13.9°C) since Tuesday. You can imagine that I am dressing less for style at the moment and more for practicality and warmth.

I ask you, what is warmer than a coat and more stylish than a princess coat! I mean just look at these stylish women.

With fur, mohair, Balenciaga, and fabulous plaid! (clockwise L-R)

I love this coat on Ulyana Sergeenko. What a dream (sigh).

Or these gorgeous coats designed by such big names a Dior and Balenciaga.

Charles James 1946-1952 

House of Balenciaga Fall/Winter 1948–49

House of Dior 1947 & 1954

Norman Norell 1955

Mainbocher 1946 & 1948

Shannon Rodgers

Every single coat above blows my mind --- I couldn't even pick a favorite if I had to do so. Regardless, they are also all completely and utterly unavailable and/or out of my price range.

What is my affordable dream princess coat? Affordable being completely subjective to the premise of Fashion Friday. So let's set an imaginary FF price of $1,000.00 maximum. Oh to have that amount in real life to spend on one clothing item (sad eyes and sighs).

I do love these two coats, both of which are now sold. I am particularly keen to the coat on the right.

My current dream princess coat is this 1930's red wool princess coat with sheared fur revers collar, double button waist, flap pockets, and red stain lining for $625.00.

You can see me here.

A first runner up would have to be this 1960's Italian wool silver princess coat with fox fur, besom pockets, and satin lining for $545.00.

You can see me here.

Second runner up goes to this 1940's Ellen Dee olive green wool gabardine princess coat with fur trim and silk crepe lining for $195.00.

You can see me here.

In fourth place, a 1940's black boucle wool princess coat with oversize mink Peter Pan collar, mink cuffs, and silk satin lining for $350.00.

You can see me here.

The final item in my dream collection is this 1950's wool gray princess coat with mink fur collar, double breasted button front, mother of pearl buttons, and, of course, satin lining. It is for auction on EBay and is currently only at $20.50. I might have to snatch it up if the price doesn't go too high.

You can see me here.

Do you own a princess coat? How long did it take you to find your dream princess coat?

If you are at the 1940's Christmas Ball tomorrow in Denver, I hope I see you there!


  1. I adore the Ellen Dee 1940s coat! It's incredible. These are great finds!

  2. Hey, I didn't see a Lilli Ann in there:) Some wonderfully glorious gems in there. A princess coat is well worth the investment. The best time to buy them is smack dab in the middle of summer when everyone is thinking about playsuits. I've picked up some really great Lilli Ann coats then at great prices.

  3. All gorgeous!!! That green plaid one?!?! Yes please!

  4. OMG, the Shannon Rodgers coat looks amazing! I own one heavy satin lined princess coat I accidently bought from private seller from a neighbor town for about $55 ! The fourth warm winter for me :-)
    A princess coat is definitely an investment piece!

  5. That Shannon Rodgers coat is just dreamy! How could anyone not want to float about in that?

  6. My word, how these resplendently beautiful coats take my breath away. Princess coats have been my go-to vintage winter toppers since I was a teenager. They work better for my curvy figure than any other style I've ever worn.

    Big hugs & tons of merry holiday season wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  7. you posted this post with amazing coats a while ago. wow, i want them all. ... i was thinking about doing a 40s-50s (princess) coat post too ... :)

  8. I always secretly wanted to be a coat designer- I LOVE coats and they are so often one of the most boring articles of clothing on the market- you did an amazing job of finding some BEAUTs here! I also adore working with wool.

    Hey Wendy- contact me okay? xKatherine

  9. Oh my, that Shannon Rodgers coat! New follower! Alex