Friday, May 30, 2014

Fashion Friday - Lurex (Part 2)

If you follow me on here or on Instagram you know all too well that I am absolutely obsessed with Lurex. This is the second time I have featured Lurex on Fashion Friday (here is the first installment Lurex Part 1).

Blue Lurex catsuit... needs to be just a bit tighter. 

My dark green Lurex dress with fox fur cuffs. The first Lurex item I purchased.

The dress that truly started my obsession was from Xtabay Vintage. An unbelievable raspberry Emma Domb dress. I found it after it had already sold for $348.00, which I suppose is fortunate for my bank account because it was my exact measurements. It is, however, devastating for my wardrobe. 

See more photos here: Source

Finding good Lurex is a bit of a challenge. Finding good Lurex in a great color, shape, and price is another story entirely. 

I'm lucky that a close girlfriend, Lola Devlin, kept me in mind when she decided to sell this gorgeous number this week. She's mine and on her way to me.

So thank you Ms. Devlin!!!

Now on to what you have been waiting for...

The first item is a 1960's blue Lurex dress. The shade of blue is fantastic. It's a steal at $82.67.

You can look at me here.

The second item is 1950's gold Lurex dress with raised green velvet leaves. It's unique and another steal at $84.00.

You can look at me here.

The third item is on my personal wish list, so don't you dare go buy it! It's a baby blue 1950's Alix of Miami chromspun Lurex swimsuit. It is $350.00.... see you don't want to buy it anyway!

You can look here but you better not touch.

The fourth item is a dress that would be mine in a heart beat if it wasn't too big. It's a mid-century Fredrick's of Hollywood Lurex and fringe dress.  It is an investment at $375.00 but remember you are getting your fringe dress and Lurex dress all wrapped into one.

You can look at me here.

The last item is, not surprisingly, a dress. It's a 1960's purple Lurex eyelash (or tinsel) dress. This gorgeous number is going for $89.99. I promise you that had this dress been my size I would be wearing it and not just featuring it on Fashion Friday.

You can look at me here.

Do you own any Lurex? Are you Lurex obsessed like me?