Monday, April 20, 2015

Viva Las Vegas 18 - Thursday

Let's continue our VLV 18 story from Pre-Viva Las Vegas 18.

By Thursday, all of my friends who were attending this year had arrived to Las Vegas and we had planned to meet at Sweetpea's Hooch and Smooch for our first official get together of the weekender.

Last summer, my girlfriends, Wink and Bridget, and I decided to make felt circle skirts with lobsters on them for the Hooch and Smooch using Technicolor Cutie's tutorial. I was pretty excited to unveil my little masterpiece.

I hadn't even told Technicolor Cutie that I was going to wear the skirt. She was very pleased with my creation as well as the other ladies.

I made a little lobster pocket for my skirt.

Trying to get all the ladies together for a picture can be quite the task.

We are having some kind of intense conversation... that was probably me telling a funny anecdote.

All of the lobster skirts together for the first time

After the Hooch and Smooch, I ran off to Technicolor Cutie's hotel room to have her do my hair. I had decided two things for VLV 18:

  1. I was not going to do my hair this year because I was feeling far too lazy.
  2. I was going to wear Lurex every single day.

I had selected four similar but slightly different styles for the weekend for Technicolor Cutie. Let me be the first to say that some styles mean you will look like this in the middle of styling.

That's okay, just be sweet and gentle to your curls and it will come together looking like this!

You can't really see it but I am wearing a hairnet because I love to dance into the wee hours of the night; say 4:30 a.m. or later. If you dance as hard as I do, you know that you get sweaty and your hair falls. The hairnet stopped my hair from falling all weekend.

After I got my hair done, it was time to don my first Lurex dress of the weekend. A fantastic black and white striped dress with silver throughout. I paired it with some spider web shoes, a gift from Wink, and vintage rhinestone jewelry.

I love VLV because you get to see friends from all over the world that you haven't seen since the last VLV. This year was extra special because I got to meet so many of my Instagram followers that I have come to adore.

What would VLV be without the Gene Kelly of jive, Mr. Tyler Byrd?

With the adorable Jana of New Mexico

With Siri from Denmark and Audrey from Texas

The power of a flash. You can finally see how shiny Siri and my dresses were.

The gorgeous and so sweet Darla of LA

Always talking

Around 1 a.m., it was off to the room to change clothing for the record hop.

With Bridget

Waiting for my turn to change

I changed into some capri, a Lurex shirt, and some flats for dancing.

On the way to the record hop I ran into one of my favorite dancers, Graham. This video is from a few years ago and doesn't quite showcase how good he really is but nevertheless here it is.

Graham (from the U.K.) has a fabulous sense of fashion.

We stayed at the record hop, the least packed of the weekender, until about 5:00 a.m. My poor feet were covered in blisters by the end of the evening (totally worth it).

I'll see you on Friday.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hand Paint Your Own Blouse

If you have followed me for any length of time you know that I am utterly obsessed with vintage spider print. I did a prior Fashion Friday article about my obsession approximately three years ago. For Viva Las Vegas 18, I asked a good friend of mine to help me recreate one of my favorite blouses. He is a talented painter and I needed a little help with the fine details. The original blouse is a 1940's ivory crepe blouse and while it is absolutely beautiful, it is missing the spider that goes with the web.

Available for purchase here.

I searched for months for a simple crepe or chiffon blouse that I could paint. I found many blouses but most were too low cut, ribbed or had beautiful detail on the neckline, or frankly were just too expensive. About three weeks before VLV, I found a pretty and cheap ($23.00) alternative in one of the last places I thought I would ever look, Forever 21. 

Available for purchase here.

It had the high neckline I wanted, the correct type of material, and if I ruined it I wouldn't feel completely terrible. I also love a little extra sparkle, so the rhinestone cuffs were a bonus for me.

I went to the craft store and purchased all surface / material, waterproof acrylic paints. I spent about $10.00 on all of the paint.

The entire project took about three hours on a Saturday and cost about $35.00 and here are the results.

We added a much needed, in my opinion, spider to the blouse. I decided that the spider blouse would be the anchor to my Viva Las Vegas car show outfit. I wore a similar brooch on my turban to bring the whole outfit together.

Have you ever hand painted your own clothing when you wanted to recreate something that was too small or too expensive?

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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Pre Viva Las Vegas 18

It has been nearly a year since I have written on here. A large reason was simply that I had lost my inspiration to write. After a name change and rediscovering my love for fashion, I have decided to come back and resume writing on a regular basis. I'll try to do a few catch-up entries in the future but for now I will just start with Viva Las Vegas 18.

I always fly into Vegas a few days before VLV starts so that I can unpack, do some shopping, and have a miniature vacation before the festivities really start. When done right, VLV can be absolutely exhausting. This year was no different and I flew in on Monday night. After checking into the airport I stopped into Root Down and had a delicious meal and glass of wine. They have designed these cute little tables for people flying solo that look outside and don't make you feel so awkward and alone. They also have free WiFi which is an added bonus.

I hopped onto my nearly empty flight to Vegas to start my pre-VLV vacation. After arriving in Vegas, I grabbed a rental car, check into my condo, and unpacked my overweight suitcase.

Tuesday morning I headed out to do some damage to my bank account. I wore my Atomic Swag t-shirt, Freddies of Pinewood Classic cut jeans, vintage tooled leather belt and handbag, and Bakelite earrings, bangles, and ring.

My first stop was at Glam Factory Vintage where I finally met Stephanie (the daughter of the mother/daughter team that run GFV). She and her mother are both incredibly sweet and attentive to their clients. All of the vintage was well priced and in wonderful condition. 

They had a Catalina black cat print swimsuit that I found almost impossible to resist. I only passed because I was watching my budget in case I needed it for VLV. I am still regretting that decision.

I did buy a gorgeous 1940's embroidered skirt for $22.00 before heading over to the Main Street stores.

There are approximately eight stores in a three block radius and all are worth a stop into. They vary from knickknacks to clothing to furniture. I made two more small purchases, a Dalton sweater and a 1950's necktie, before heading to Frankie's Tiki room for an afternoon beverage.

Mary Ann or Ginger? Mary Ann of course!

I love Frankie's but had not been there since Viva Las Vegas 17 when I visited with the incredibly beautiful Lola Devlin.

Frankie's scores their drink potency by using skulls and all drinks can be ordered in a souvenir Tiki mug for a small fee (you get to keep the mug). I ordered the Bearded Clam because the drink is similar to a mojito, which I love, and the mug is fantastic. I decided to not christen the mug but rather give it as a gift.

After sobering up, it was off to the Pinball Hall of Fame Museum. My boyfriend had recommended that I go check it out because I love pinball and it would give me something to do by myself instead of just shopping. Let me just say that the PHFM is kind of amazing and so cheap! I spent $20 but experienced four hours of fun. Most of the vintage machines have information cards that tell you about when they were manufactured, how many were made, etcetera.

After playing pinball for four hours, I grabbed some In-N-Out and returned to the condo to rest and relax.

The next morning, Wednesday, was spent grocery shopping before I headed out to Charleston Antique Mall. I wore my Classic Freddie's of Pinewood again, a different Atomic Swag t-shirt, and Bakelite bangles, earrings, and ring.

Once at Charleston Antique Mall, I spent a few hours roaming around looking at all of the records, knickknacks, and clothing. This place isn't as big as it looks from the outside but they do have a good selection of vendors.

I had all but given up on finding something reasonably priced when I came upon Leo the Pig (because a figural purse needs a name). He was an absolute steal at $16.00. He needs a new handle but otherwise he is in pretty good condition.

After I purchased Leo, it was after 5:00 pm and all the stores had closed. I headed home to get ready for the evening.

The Wednesday night Pre-Viva Showcase is always, in my opinion, the best Viva party. It isn't too crowded, there is lots of dancing, and most people who go to VLV regularly have started to arrive to town.

I opted to wear my 1950's Vanity Fair leopard print two piece that I had lined from Santa Muerte Trading Co., Bakelite ring, bangles, and earrings, and tossed my hair haphazardly into a poodle.

I was over-the-moon to see and meet lots of friends that I follow on Instagram. It is always so nice to put a real face to a name.

We danced, drank, and chatted until 3:30 a.m. or 4:00 a.m. and a small group of us headed out for pancakes and coffee.

I finally poured myself into bed at 5:00 a.m. with my tummy full and my feet blistered but ready to take on Viva Las Vegas.