Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Viva Las Vegas 18 - Friday

I'm not going to lie to you, getting out of the bed on Friday "morning" was tough. There were not a lot of morning or early afternoon events that I planned to attend so I took the opportunity to sleep in and make a big breakfast for everyone. I strolled into the Orleans just in time to have Technicolor Cutie do my hair and head up to catch some early evening music.

My early outfit was a gorgeous fan novelty print dress purchased for me by my boyfriend, an armful of Bakelite, and tooled leather accessories. How good does my hair look?! Technicolor Cutie does such a great job.

Around 9 pm, it was time for an outfit change and a rush to the Ballroom to see Jackie Wilson's son Bobby Brooks Wilson. I decided to wear a gorgeous aqua color Lurex dress that I got from Lola Devlin with Betsey Johnson shoes and a silver lame purse.

Bobby puts on a real show and was my favorite performer of the weekend. He is charismatic and harkens back to the days when you had to be able to really sing and perform.

I spent the rest of the evening running back and forth between the Beinville Room and the Ballroom to see friends or catch certain shows.

With the drop dead gorgeous and sweet Darla Deville

With Darla Deville and Lola Devlin

The incredibly stylish and sweet Audrey Grace

Shoe show off

The three of us can never seem to get it together. 

I changed one more time to head to the record hop. Sadly, I stayed only a few minutes that evening because I had quite literally worn everyone out the two preceding nights. 

My last outfit of the evening was a insane blue Lurex top that was a Christmas gift from Lola Devlin, black capri pants from Pinup Girl Clothing, and black flats. 

Before calling it a night I ran into two of my absolutely favorite people, Technicolor Cutie and Chelsea in the food court. 

We'll end with a little funny reel of pictures. I didn't realize, initially, that my girlfriend was still taking photos. Once we realized it the photos definitely got a little weird and a little funny.

I'll see you on Saturday!

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