Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Viva Las Vegas 18 - Saturday

Saturday is a big day all around at Viva Las Vegas. The car show is in full swing, the headlining performers are playing, and everyone is wearing their absolute best outfits. People plan for months what they are going to be wearing on Saturday. I am not immune to the typical circumstances of VLV and I brought my A-game on Saturday.

For the car show, I wore my hand painted spider blousehigh waisted shorts in black sateen from Pinup Girl Clothing, black wedges, a scarf that I tied into a turban and affixed a gold spider web brooch, vintage red vampira sunglasses, and a black lucite purse (a gift from the boyfriend). 

The car show was as warm as always (read sweltering hot) with great vendors and a few great performances. My two favorites were definitely Kitty Daisy & Lewis and The Sonics.

I ran into a bunch of friends before heading up to have my hair done one last time by Technicolor Cutie and to a Tiki themed room party. 

Left to right: With Lady Bear Cat, With Graham & Bettina Scarlett, With Rockwell DeVil

With Bridget (L) and with Technicolor Cutie (R)

Shortly after coming back down to the car show it got extremely windy, so my friends and I packed up and went back to the condo to get ready for the evening.

When I got back to the room, one of my very best girlfriends had arrived to Viva and we could finally catch up after being apart for a year. We drank, we giggled, and we took pictures together while we were only half put together.

The fabulous Ruby Champagne

We finished getting ready and got to the ballroom to see the stars of Rockabilly.

I swear that this is how it goes every time the three of us try to take a photo together. 

My finally Saturday night outfit was another handpainted blouse with matching clutch. This one was a recreation of a 1940's drunk elephant blouse I remembered from Etsy that had sold over two years ago.

The Saturday night record hop was by far the most packed but also the most enjoyable. As the night wears on, things get a little ridiculous and the photos, well, they become more blurry. A lot of that is honestly just attributed to the amount of laughter and shenanigans and part of it is because we sneak in flasks.

Let's go already!

My drunk elephants insisted on being in every photo


How I feel about dancing... every single time.

I finished off the Saturday night with my Sunday breakfast yogurt.

See you on Sunday afternoon.

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  1. Looking so fabulous. I love your hand painted spider blouse, High waisted shorts and vampire sunglasses. And the special one gift from someone special, lucite purse. All of the accessories are so stunning.Last time I have also had a special gift from someone special. It was the t-shirt bra