Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Viva Las Vegas 18 - Sunday

It would appear as though I had completely abandoned this blog for Instagram. If we are being honest with one another, I had abandoned this space until today. I suppose the best way to move forward is to finally publish this post and then just get back to writing.

Sunday is one of my most and least favorite days at Viva Las Vegas. I love it for the pool party and the jive competition but it is also the last day and many friends leave on Sunday afternoon or early evening.

I was extremely excited and nervous for this years VLV pool party because my swimsuit had made it into the contest! My girlfriend and I got ready and I was having a real case of bad nerves. We took the opportunity to make jokes about my swimsuit.

Do you see why the felt my swimsuit was unique?

My bad nerves on full display.

Once at the pool party, I got to meet the other contestants, which made my nerves even worse because do you see all the gorgeous women and swimsuits, have a strong beverage, and dip my toes into the pool.

Sooner than I was honestly prepared for they started the contest. I got up on stage for the Q&A and announced why my seemingly plain suit was so fantastic and unique. The wiener dogs on the suit look a lot like penises. Go ahead and zoom in, decide for yourself.

The ladies taking photos of my very funny swimsuit.
All of the gorgeous women and their amazing suits!

The judges deliberated and even brought me and another contestant (gorgeous gold & silver swimsuit) back to the stage because there were so many good swimsuits. I ended up having an award made on the spot for me because the judges loved my suit so much that they wanted to award it!

(L-R) 2nd place, 3rd place, 1st place, yours truly

Afterwards, I met up with my friends again for a beverage.

I also decided to enter the Jive Competition with my friend Jorge. So it was a rush back to the room for an outfit change. Sadly, I had not planned on entering and so I didn't have a circle skirt. Instead I wore my planned outfit, a green lurex dress.

Jorge & I didn't win the competition and I'm not sure there is even any video but we did have a great time dancing together.

After the jive competition, I called it a night, which is super lame. I gave myself the excuse that I hadn't slept well the night before and so I should retire early.

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